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Radio Comedy - Internet Stations

Non-stop funny soundtracks -- comedians, song parodies, spoofs -- from innovative comedy Web radio stations to amuse you while you're online.
AccuRadio Comedy
The AccuRadio Comedy online network of entertainment channels includes a fine audio stream featuring famous comedians.
Laugh.com Adult Comedy
Hours of great comics, including George Carlin, Milton Berle, Richard Jeni and Jackie Martling. It's a comedy club on your computer. Radio-like, but with a limited playlist. WARNING: Explicit, uncensored content!
BBC 7 Comedy
Classic British radio humour resurfaces with 7 to 10 hours of daily scheduled sitcoms, quiz shows, and stand-up comedy. More funny programming is available here for sister station BBC Radio 4.
TV Tunes Radio
Listen now, non-stop television theme songs. Hear sitcoms and comedy-related melodies, featured heavily in the mix.
XM Radio Comedy - Laugh USA and XM Comedy
The XM Radio service via satellite offers several comedy stations. Hear lengthy program samples online with major comedians.
Jack Benny Radio Shows
An American classic. The beloved skinflint's 1932-55 network radio sitcom and variety show can be heard in continuous streaming audio at Live365. Jack Benny transitioned this comedy series into television, 1950-65.
Desktop comedy radio featuring a mix of big names and new talent. Uncensored.
Muppet Central Radio
The hits and ping pong ball eyes keep on coming! Around-the-clock Muppet warbling. Pretty cool, if you can withstand the bleeding ear lesions induced by Fozzie Bear's "Silver Bells." (You might have better luck connecting to Muppet Central Radio through Live365.)
Radio Prank
Hours of non-stop rude and crude prank phone calls from the Jerky Boys, Roy D. Mercer, Jim Florentine, Tom Mabe, The Touch-Tone Terrorists, and others are streamed at Live365. Sizzling obscenities mar some of these calls, but the ones that connect bring tears to listeners. Alternate access to the audio feed is available here.
All Nigerian Scam Spam, Money-Making Schemes, Porn Pals, All the Time! From the site: "Spamradio is serving up delicious helpings of spam each hour of every day to all who are hungry. Using a complex arrangement of pipes and funnels, we turn the junk mail that we receive into a streaming audio broadcast that can be enjoyed from anywhere on the Internet." Explicit content -- it's spam, after all.
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