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Tim Bete: Where I Live

Parenting Humor Columnist


The director of the University of Dayton's Erma Bombeck Writers' Workshop is a prolific author whose smile-inducing words have been published in a variety of sources, spanning The Christian Science Monitor, newspapers, magazines, and the Web. But more important than even his first book, In the Beginning ... There Were No Diapers, Tim is the active dad of four. Here's more from his profile:
"Tim Bete (pronounced 'beet') writes about where he lives in his award-winning parenting humor column. His column provides sage advice on topics such as how to give your kitchen a faux-finished, sponge-painted, crackle look by serving your children a lunch consisting entirely of condiments, substituting paint brushes for forks and spoons, and leaving the house for an hour. (The crackle finish will appear after the mustard dries.)"
Tim releases a new happy pappy piece every week and fathers an online archive with a dozen or so previous selections.

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