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Humor Columnists

Funny People links to our favorite Humor columnists' online comedy, satire, and jokes -- including Dave Barry.
Tim Bete: Where I Live
Parenting humor articles from a father of four, Tim Bete.
Sam Harper's Dad Rules
The screenwriter and father of three writes about his experiences raising the boys.
"Private Diary of Mike Durrett, The" by Mike Durrett
Here's the archive for Mike's uncensored, candid remembrances, also known as "Humor Boy's Blog." Live the personal journey and typos of your About Guide. His fears. His tears. His broken mittens string.
"Village Idiot, The" by Jim Mullen
The "Entertainment Weekly" humor columnist {"Jim Mullen's Hot Sheet"} writes about his new life in rural America after leaving the metropolitan rat race in New York City behind.
"Dave Barry" by Dave Barry 
The Pulitzer Prize-winning commentator from "The Miami Herald." Dave is on the loose, laughing at life. Look for new columns weekly and the archive, always, right here.
Can't get enough Dave Barry? Write your own columns with the help of this fill-in-the-blanks generator.
Borowitz Report by Andy Borowitz, The
The NPR and PBS humorist spins out frequent phony news stories.
Columns from Canada by Jaron Summers
Amiable human interest stories to farcical doodles on topics like killer bees, whooping moose, and guys with no thumbs. Available free via Friday email. Sample articles online.
David Sedaris by David Sedaris
Unfortunately, David's home in text, Esquire, has gone to a paid subscription format and moved his online archive behind bars. We located several recordings of the author, however, reading his articles on NPR, which will give you a bit of Sedaris flavoring.
Joe Lavin's Humor Column by Joe Lavin
Joe writes about his life and observations with flair and fun in these weekly articles, updated on Tuesdays. Large library of back stories, too.
Off-Kilter by Roy Rivenburg
Usually commenting on the nuttiest of news items, this syndicated columnist offers a satisfying read weekly.
"Raising Kane" by Madeleine Begun Kane
Weekly essays boastingly aimed at women, are amusing to me, too. Perhaps, men and women aren't so different after all. Dream on, Chucklehead. Mad also takes on contemporary politics.
Selected Works of Matt Neuman, The
A large collection from the satirist of the Drudge Report, includes "Man Who Married His Hat Tree...," "My New Fall Schedule," and "Why the Internet Is Like Joey Bishop."
Stories by Robert Byron, The
One of our longtime playmates in the About Humor Forum is a gentleman we've come to know as Robeo. He's shared his original yarns on occasion and they've become treats to discover. Fortunately, he's posted stacks of them at Absolute Robeo. Like all good humorists, Rob writes of what he knows, family, the office, but what he knows best is how to terrorize telemarketers. Meet your new hero.
"Subatomic Humor" by Paul Mather
Unfortunately, the column has ceased updating, but a big archive remains with a firm grasp on the absurd in topics ranging from the Love Boat to exploding Chrysler buildings to Jerry Springer's 800-pound fat guys.
Trials of Philip Michaels, The
My fave snarky TeeVee vidiot maintains another evil depository for musings on targets from The McDonald's of the Damned to Kathie Lee: Home for Christmas.
Vague But True by Tim Bedore
Excerpts from his book include "Women With Beards on My Paper Route" and "I Beat Up a Squirrel with a 'Vanity Fair' Magazine."
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