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Holidays and Seasonal Humor

Holidays and Seasonal Humor are favorite topics throughout the year, included here for the festivities: Mother's Day, Father's Day, April Fool's, Groundhog Day, St. Patrick's Day, Valentine's Day, Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Easter, July 4th Independence Day, Winter, Income Taxes, and New Year's Day.
Father's Day Humor - Fatherhood Funnies
From a Father's Week collection, visit these humorous poppas and related parenting amusements: The National Center for Fathering Top Ten Lists ... Sam Harper's Dad Rules ... The World According to Homer Simpson ... TV Single Dads Hall of Fame ... Adam@Home by Brian Bassett.
Top Spring Comedy Movies
Few funny film comedies about spring, um, spring to mind, but here are five with something certain to sprout giggles.
Beat the Sheep Pinata - Cinco de Mayo Fun
An online pinata for all of you candy cravers.
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