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5 Insane Christmas Lights Videos


Thanks to broadband speeds and advances in lighting technology, Christmas lights have gone from something you rig up on a tree to impress your kids to something you connect to a computer and program to impress your neighborhood. And if you film your crazy lights display, expect it to end up on the Internet, like these 5 incredible, absolutely insane Christmas lights videos.

1. Christmas Lights Gone Wild

photo courtesy of YouTube
Here's the video that kicked off the Christmas lights light show craze on the Internet. Carson Williams, a skilled lighting designer, rigged up 16,000 lights to a lighting control and programmed his whole set up to be syncopated to the Trans Siberian Orchestra Christmas-themed song "Wizards in Winter." The results are incredible and it's no wonder Williams' video has racked up 6 million views and counting online.

2. Frisco Christmas Lights - Wizards in Winter

photo courtesy of YouTube
Here's a video that all but surpasses Carson Williams' "Christmas Lights Gone Wild." More lights, a crazier configuration that wonderful, crazy light spiral make this video fantastic. But it's set to "Wizards in Winter," the very same song from "Christmas Lights Gone Wild"! Though a cooler display, "Frisco Christmas Lights" will always be in the shadow of "Christmas Lights Gone Wild." For shame!

3. Christmas Light Show - Amazing Techno

Amazing Techno
photo courtesy of YouTube
Who knew "Amazing Grace" made such a hot techno jam? This video is tremendous for the sheer drama involved. Guys, it's just Christmas lights! "Amazing Techno" is also noteworthy thanks to some pretty cool camera angles and editing. Sure, that makes the whole video a bit less viral, but it looks pretty!

4. Christmas Lights Synchronized to TSO Nutcracker

photo courtesy of YouTube
Imagine Metallica scoring your Christmas lights show and you're halfway to the madness in this video. The Trans Siberian Orchestra makes some of the most incredible and certainly most ridiculous Christmas music to ever be released.

5. Christmas Light Hero (Original)

photo courtesy of YouTube
What happens when you connect your Nintendo Wii to your Christmas lights? Christmas Light Hero, of course! It's a playable version of the "Guitar Hero" video game series that's rigged to a massive Christmas lights display. The song performed in the video is "Cliffs of Dover" by Eric Johnson. Another future Christmas carol!

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