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Halloween Humor: Tricks and Treats

Halloween humor -- tricks and treats -- jokes, games, recipes, top 10s, and more spooky spoofin' sites.
Top 10 Funny Scary Movies
Ten chillers with chuckles, serious horror films with some smiles along the way.
Top 10 Scary Movie Comedies
Ten spooky spoofs, films of laughter in frightful settings.
Halloween Shockers: Ask Humor Boy
We all have our Halloween memories and secrets. Your Guide answers the tough questions in this fearsome query from Humor Boy's Blog.
Dark and Stormy Mike, A
From your About Guide, Halloween confessions of a troubled man, whose dastardly demons and pent-up horrors make all his days nightmares. Warning: mitten modeling.
Halloween Howls
Sinisterly silly sites: "Scary, Scary Sounds for Halloween: A New CD from Martha Stewart Living," "Pumpkin Carver III," "Book of Spells," "Rott-O-Lantern," "Stress Relief Aquarium 6.66" and "Elvira Monster Smash."
More Halloween Howls
"Frequently Asked Questions: Halloween," "Turning Tricks," "Scary Jokes," "Scooby-Doo Games," and "Melvin and Jenkin's Guide to Halloween."
Antique Halloween Postcards and Ecards
Early 20th century Halloween greetings and party invitations are presented in a curious gallery of photographs.
Attack of the Zombie Pumpkins!
''Unspeakable horrors rise from the pumpkin patch to paralyze the living! ... They come with a bloodthirsty lust for human flesh and candy corn!'' Read more...
Bashing Pumpkins
Demented pumpkins are overtaking the world. Bash them in this Halloween Flash game from Kewlbox.
Bone Idol
Make a skeleton with the online Bone Idol toy.
Bunky & Weezl's Haunted House
Great game for kids and goblins of all ages!
Candy Toss - Halloween Game
A throwaway tricks-or-treats challenge. (10/07/04)
Cheapie Creepy Costume Generator
Cheapie Creepy Costume Generator
The Creatures in My Head
A massive, ghastly gallery of goons, extra creepy for Halloween. (10/12/04)
Creepy Pong Game
Play ping-pong against a monster opponent.
Dr. Strangemitten's Shrunken Heads
A new Halloween game for your trick-or-treat computer. (10/14/04)
Extreme Pumpkins
Spooky and silly jack-o'-lantern carvings are shown in photos and patterns.
Forbes Celebrity Halloween Masks
Print masks of celebrities from the annual collection.
Frequently Asked Questions: Halloween
Tongue-in-cheek answers to your trick-or-treat interrogatives.
Garfield's Scary Scavenger Hunt Games
Our favorite scaredy-fatso-cat sneaks snacks.
Gothtober Countdown Calendar, The
Thirty-one Halloween-themed visual treats and tricks pop-up on this ghoulish adventure calendar, some squirmy scary and some silly screwy. Read more, mostly for adults...
Halloween Dogs
Snapshots of trick-or-treating pups in their Halloween duds.
Halloween Gallery, The
You think I'm peculiar? About Guide Shirlie Sharpe has made trick-or-treat costumes for her fish! (We may need a bigger net for Shirlie.)
Halloweeeen Game
Dodge possessed jack-o-lanterns for candy. I'd do it.
"Monster Mash"
Hear the classic song and read the behind-the-scenes story of the making. It's a graveyard smash, by the way.
How to Carve a Pumpkin Like a Pro - Virtual Pumpkin Carver
Liquid Generation explains step-by-step instructions, leading to a surprising conclusion.
Kookin Kidz Game
Kookin' Kidz Game
Redneck Dracula
Dr. Elmo spoofs Halloween and the Monster Mash in this spooky Webtoon music video, kids.
"Redneck Vampire, The"
A documentary filmmaker travels to Alabama to interview a good ol' bloodsucker. See the trailer. (06/22/04)
Scary Baby Conspiracy, The
Visit the dark underworld cribs of scary babies for an amazing series of photographs.
So Bite Me!
You're dressed-up as Guffy the Ghost to fight vampires in the Halloween Flash game.
"South Park" Halloween
From About Animated TV: "'South Park' fans have more ways to celebrate Halloween than a Succubus has husbands. Enjoy these spooky downloads for Halloween." There are pictures, sounds, screen savers and email postcards.
TheoWorlds Halloween Pumpkin Carver - Customize Halloween Jack-o-lantern Email
Carve a spooky or wacky jack-o'-lantern with TheoWorld's Halloween tool. Add a personal message and share as a free email greeting card.
Transylmania game.
Transylmania II
Help poor ol' Vampy outsmart the mean villagers who don't understand vampires in this sequel game to Transylmania.
Uncle Pigors Spookhouse
Uncle Pigors Spookhouse is a bizarre cartoon world of strange animations and sketches.
Whack-a-Ghoul and Other Halloween Online Games
Play Whack-a-Ghoul, Scoop Snatchers, Boogie Bones, and Virtual Pumpkin.
The Worst Halloween Costumes of All Time - Actual Spooky Halloween Fashions
Actual pop culture costumes from past return from the dead to vie for The Worst Halloween Costumes of All Time. Look great with white socks!
X-Entertainment's Halloween Countdown
Dozens of schlocky, seasonal pop culture items are sampled and reviewed. This material is not kid-friendly.
Zombie Cluster Pumpkins of Doom - Zombie Game
Fight the Zombie Cluster Pumpkins of Doom in this Flash game
Tricks and Treats: Halloween Lore
From David Emery, About's Guide to Urban Legends and Folklore, no joking here, but wickedly fascinating background links on traditions and more recent legends.
Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet Frankenstein
Three simple games for all ages, from Halloween Kids. There's a match game, memory game, and puzzler.
Big Apple Halloween Super Sale
In the wake of the terrorist attacks, the latest costumes, respirators, from "Modern Humorist."
Billy and Mandy Game: Harum Scarum!
"Use Halloween tricks to trap Jack-O-Lantern's horde of rotten pumpkin monsters!" instructs Cartoon Network in this spooky online game for most audiences.
Bloody Finger Mail
Can't find a pencil or a clean sheet of paper? Here's a solution, from Engine.Digital, where there's always a writing utensil handy. Send free email notes, chop-chop. View other's penmanship, too. You'll need Flash and a wound.
"Highest quality fresh brains ... We do the dirty deed so you can spend more time ... well ... doing whatever the hell it is you zombies do when you're not ripping open people's heads," says the online shopping maul, a service of Goats, a parody of Amazon.com. Categories: Brains, Other Brains, Celebrity Brains, RAH, GRRAH, RARGRAHA, Brains, RAR, AGHRAGRAGH, Business & Investing. Also, Zombie Chat.
Cat Bowling
The Flash game at Grab, takes the standard rules of bowling and applies them to kitties and pumpkins, substituted for pins and balls. The more cats you knock down, the more you score.
Circus of Disemboweled Plush Toys
Hanttula presents shocking images of tragic fuzzy animals, scary anytime!
Comedy and Novelty Halloween Specials
Hours of Halloween stand-up comedy by major artists like Bob Newhart, Jonathan Winters, Bill Cosby, Woody Allen, Spike Jones, and Jerry Clower -- plus thematic music. Packaged by Music Sojourn, these audio programs are available to play on demand.
Flaming Bag of Poo!
Some young punk sneaks to your door, setting fire to an oozing paper bag o' poo. There's only one thing to do: Stomp it! Here's a silly, gooey, interactive Webtoon from Mondo Mini Shows.
Gallery of Unfortunate Halloween Cards, The
"Cap'n Wacky's Boatload of Evil" digs up some actual holiday greeting cards which are spooky for the wrong reasons.
Gross Out Holiday Recipes
"Gummy-worm Jello, Spaghetti and Eyeballs, Pig Knuckles on Toothpicks," and a nice dip recipe are among the vile, nasty eats cooked up by Boston Phoenix.
Not exactly jack-o-lanterns, but certainly must-see sculptures in pumpkins by Patrick Moser. The bizarre, smile-inducing fruit carvings on display include The Grinch, Felix Grackles, and Wilford Grumbly. Interesting sidebars show the artist's tools and process.
Halloween Cartoons From 'The New Yorker'
Click on thumbnails for larger images.
Halloween Internet Radio
Non-stop vampires, werewolves, and ghosts in an eclectic format, from Radio@Netscape, including creepy music and tales. Among the hits and the dead: "Monster Mash" by Bobby "Boris" Pickett and the Crypt-Kickers, "Ghostbusters" by Ray Parker, Jr., "The Raven" by Christopher Walken, "The Addams Family Theme" by Vic Mizzy, "The Blob" by The Five Blobs, and "That Old Black Magic" by Ella Fitzgerald.
Halloween Jokes
Squeaky clean to racy funnies from Jokes.com.
Halloween Jokes
A collection of material with an adult edge, from HalloweenJokes.com. Plus, there are handy links to related seasonal comedy, activities and downloads.
Halloween Tips of Evil
Cap'n Wacky tells you how to "Get All the Candy You Can," how to "Have the Best Costume," and how to "Exact Revenge." Plus, "Safety First" hints. Hey, kids, it's all a joke!
Haunted House of Pop Culture Scary Spookiness
Real life horrors are dissected at "Cap'n Wacky's Boatload of Evil."
Jerry Seinfeld's "Halloween"
The comedy routine which inspired his "Halloween" children's book. Hear it in two parts at the publisher, Time Warner Bookmark. Need RealAudio?
Original Pumpkin Carving Patterns
A neat place to look for something different to inflict on large, round, orange-yellow gourds of your choice. Clever computer print-outs from www.jack-o-lantern.com.
Pumpkin Left Me Blues, The
Catch Wild "Bones" Johnson performing in the Dungeon Lounge via CleverMedia's Shockwave site.
Revoltin' Recipes
Salivate over these Yuckiest Site on the Internet treats: Chef Andy's Mutilated Meathead Centerpiece, Arachnid Attack, Swamp Chomp, and Evil Egg Eyeballs.
Robot Chicken: The Time of the Great Pumpkin
The Adult Swim program spoofs what might be the final day of the Peanuts gang. Watch it at YouTube. Strong Language.
'Saturday Night Live': 'Halloween Mischief'
Chris Farley, Christian Slater, Phil Hartman, and David Spade in a holiday sketch from the TV show. See it at IFILM.
"The Simpsons": "The Shining"
Homer's out of control in this short parody video clip, available at IFILM.
Smashing Pumpkins
Not affiliated with the musical artists, this NStorm Flash game tests your skill to whack jack-o-lanterns. See how many pumpkins you can smash in one minute. I'll go tie-up Linus....
That Tickle-Me-Elmo toy was a monster, creating several copycats like this one, which is a, um, Munster. Visit this Haunted TV Land page and click the black box in the lower corner. Send giggly Herman to friends, too.
Whether you believe in the existence of rednecks or not, this spooky paranormal phenomena is worth investigating. "Signs Your Mobile Home Is Haunted," Ghost in the Trailer automobile graveyard game, Shocking Multimedia, and Satisfied Customer testimonials are among the nightmares from comedian Larry "The Dream" Weaver, but the ghost stories revealed are as suspect as an '03 Camaro.
Trick or Treat Web Cartoons
Two sinister shorts by Todd Gallina follow a trio of children on their Halloween rounds. Poop alert! Need Flash?
TV Horror Host Gallery
Those bizarre, spooky, silly, nattily-attired, cheesy movie hosts from the 1950s through the present are spotlighted in this loving collection. TV boys and ghouls included: Elvira, Zacherley, Morgus, Svengoolie, Joe Bob Briggs, Vampira, and Al "Grampa" Lewis.
Ultimate Monster Defense System, The
Those pesky little trick-or-treaters could be monsters in disguise, so "Boneland" offers these demonstrations on how to protect your home. Prepare with a trap door, ejection device, cannon, flamer, laser -- even an Ewok defense. Animated cartoon violence.
'Woman Hoards All the Discount Halloween Candy'
A shocking report by Bob From Accounting.
World's Greatest Halloween Costumes, The
Retrocrush presents "Brian Zalkin's incredible collection of Halloween costumes," hundreds of authentic outfits from our past, categorized and largely "what were we kids thinking?"
World's Worst Halloween Costumes, The
During my happ'nin' curly-haired, mustachioed youth, imagine my chagrin when folks mistook me for TV's Gabe Kaplan and I wasn't wearing a costume. Now you can feel my pain with an actual "Welcome Back Kotter" kit. Or be Chuck "Gong Show" Barris, Robert "Baretta" Blake, "Tattoo," the Village People biker, Atari's Asteroid Game, Rubik's Cube and others. Thanks to RetroCRUSH for reopening my wounds.
Zombie Baby Jokes
"What did the Zombie Mommy say to the Zombie Baby? 'You have your Father's eyes ... in your fists behind your back!'" -- Okay, so these quick gags from The ComedyLab aren't that gross, but they are strange and gruesome -- and oddly amusing once you realize the jokes are meant for Zombie knuckleheads, not us.
Zombies in Plain English
An instructional video demonstrates how to save your life in a zombie attack, presented at YouTube.
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