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Haiku Humor

The ancient Japanese poetry convention, comprising three lines and 17 syllables in the precise 5-7-5 pattern, has become a popular modern day amusement on the Internet.
Dog Haiku
Puppy poetry.
Haiku Movie Reviews
Short and oblique.
I Pity the Haiku!
Tough guy Mr. T becomes a patron of poetic sensitivity. Most of the haikus on display refer to T's "A-Team" and his notoriously silly Net adventures. The haiku machine works on Internet Explorer browsers only. Infinitefish.com invites your submissions as long as they are "foo" for thought. Sayonara, sucka!
Redneck Haiku
From Ms-Sam-Antics, a collection of trendy poetry, like this one:
"Nekid in repose
Silvery silhouette girls
Adorn my mudflaps."
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