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The Aristocrats Joke Database

Tasteless, Sick Humor - - and Beyond


Dirty language and explicit content have been overdone in humor. Together they are today's #1 sign of a comedy hack. Profanity is so 1974.

Hear, read, or watch naughty boys and girls and you're probably bobbing in a cesspool of comedic laziness or a numbing lack of creative talent.

A pinch of obscenity here and there for flavoring is one thing, but to be served a depraved meal and a cowpie is quite another. With few exceptions, I find potty humorists predictable and boring. They are lightweights, taking the easy, unclever road. I want to observe wit, not endure a litany of cursing buzz words from the bottomfeeder's thesaurus.

So there. That said, I am quite fascinated by "The Aristocrats" documentary wherein 105 professional comedians perform their variations on the most vile, raunchiest joke known to man, a show business secret dating back to the early 20th century.

It's not the specific crudenesses of the joke I'm fascinated by. It's the basic premise of the film I find attractive: a crowd of funny folks trying to dazzle each other with heretofore unspeakable, perverted logic.

Well, that's always been a party for me -- except the unspeakable perversion part. (I was very lonely in college.)

Ordinarily, I choose not to write on vulgarity at About Humor, but "The Aristocrats" has created some buzz in the mainstream media and is attracting playdates in mass appeal movie theatres. It is, therefore, a topic I need to address. Whether you choose to proceed is your decision. "The Aristocrats" is not for the squeamish.

And neither is The Aristocrats Joke Database, the destination and purpose of this article.

From Dead Frog: "This site features what has been described by 'The New York Times' as 'The Greatest Dirty Joke Ever Told' - The Aristocrats. Inspired by the forthcoming film from Paul Provenza and Penn Jillette .. this site is a home for filth virtuosos everywhere. Submit your version of the Aristocrats joke to the database and enjoy others."

And heed The Aristocrats Joke Database warning:

"This site contains variations on a single joke. A joke that is designed to offend. That is intentionally told with explicit language, sex, violence and disturbing imagery to see which teller can top the other. If you are faint of heart, you should leave now. If you aren't, you will be. You will be."

I've read several of "The Aristocrats" entries. My retinas are smoldering.

Visit: The Aristocrats Joke Database

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