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10 Most Feel-Good Humor Sites of 2012, Part 1

These sites just want to make you smile.


Here's the bad news: The world can be a scary place, filled with mean people doing mean things. The good news: There are plenty of good, decent people out there too, all of whom are doing their best to bring peace and good humor to the world. This list will focus on the latter, the funny folks behind some of our favorite humor sites, whose only goal is to make us smile on any given day. Thank you.

1. Imgur

Imgur is a photo sharing site, but it is also home to one of the kindest, friendliest communities on the internet today. Imgur users not only post some of the best (and most likely to go viral) content on the web, but they also frequently upload heartfelt and emotionally moving photographs of important life events. Each photo tells its own story, and for the most part, each touching photo is met by kind, encouraging comments from their fellow "Imgurians."

On most sites that feature a largely-anonymous forum, sentimental posts are often met with criticism from other users, or they are picked apart by trolls who are looking to cause trouble. Imgur, however, is different. Imgurians support, commiserate, and encourage one another every day of the week, which is a rare and beautiful thing, both on the internet, and off.

2. I Can Haz Cheezburger?

Their site motto is, "LOLcats 'N Funny Pictures," and that's exactly what you'll find on this iconic internet mainstay. This is the site that inspired an entire network of funny blogs, from Memebase to Fail Blog. It's a classic concept, and one that harbors no illusions of grandeur. You won't find breaking news here, and you won't find any hard life truths or anything negative or nasty, you will simply find funny pictures, gifs, and videos of all of your furry friends. It's innocent fun, and as my vegetarian friend Mo used to say when she'd talk about her cooking, "Nobody gets hurt."

3. Ned Hardy (NSFW or Kids)

Ned Hardy isn't technically a humor site, it's a catch-all site that features humor, photography, animated gifs, stories, and even spirituality. Their tagline is, "Curating the best stuff from the internet," and that's exactly what they do. Regardless of their versatility, however, every single blog post on this site has one thing in common: It is kind, never cruel.

Please be aware that some of the advertising on Ned Hardy is NSFW.

Ned Hardy is one of the first sites to create a "Restore Your Faith In Humanity" post, a topic that has since been copied by a lot of big websites. They often post gorgeous photos of nature, quotes from famous authors, cute animal pictures aimed "to put a smile on your face," and many more inspiring and humorous topics. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: If you're looking for a blog that is kind-hearted, generous of spirit, and inspiring on many levels, you must check out Ned Hardy.

4. Pleated-Jeans

Created, written, and maintained solely by writer Jeff Wysaski, Pleated-Jeans is a blog that collects the funniest images, videos, webcomics, and more in one easy to use location. Visiting this site feels like a mental vacation; their motto is "No Filler, Just Funny," and that's exactly what you'll find.

5. George Takei's Facebook Page

There is a reason that over three million people "like" George Takei's Facebook page, and here it is: He's funny, he's wry, he posts the very best, newest, funniest images, and his sense of humor is always kind, never mean-spirited. Many people remember Takei as the actor who played "Mr. Sulu" on Star Trek, but in recent years Takei has become a certifiable internet sensation. Not only does he have a hugely popular social media presence, but he also has a website and a new book. In short, Takei is a blast! He's so likable and has such great taste in humor that you will find yourself grinning at his posts all day long. Do yourself a favor and "like" his fan page.

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