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Unicorn Being a Jerk Profile

By Dave Mellisy

Unicorn Being a Jerk Profile
Image courtesy of C. W. Moss
Website: http://www.greyrainbow.com/index.php?/illustration/unicorn-being-a-jerk/
Description: This ain't Lisa Frank's unicorn.
Similar Websites: Daisy Owl, Sinfest, The Book of Biff

What is "Unicorn Being a Jerk"?:

Unicorns! There's nothing more majestic and magical and pure, right? If you see a unicorn, what are you going to do? Ride it? Pet it? Take a picture? Cherish the miracle of its existence? All valid options. One thing you wouldn't do is cross the street, or clutch your purse, or pretend not to see it. But maybe you should.

Unicorn Being a Jerk is a book with a self-explanatory title by designer/illustrator C. W. Moss. The book is sold out as of this writing, but a second edition is on the way. In the meantime, you can enjoy its ten diverse examples of ways unicorns can be jerks.

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