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The Guild Profile

By Dave Mellisy

The Guild Profile
Image courtesy of The Guild & Microsoft
Website: http://www.watchtheguild.com
Monthly Traffic: 75,421 visitors (as of 05/2010)
Description: Six MMORPG addicts manage their relationships, online and off
Similar Websites: College Humor, Jake and Amir, Virtual Shackles

What is "The Guild"?:

The Guild is a mockumentary following an online gaming guild that is improbably split evenly between males and females. Trouble starts when guild Warlock Zaboo stalks his way into the home of series protagonist Codex, assured of their mutual affection by a wink that was supposed to be a smiley (she missed the shift key).
This spirals into a series of awkward situations as the guild is forced to leave the safe haven of Teamspeak and interact in the real world. The show, which thus far spans three seasons, is one of the most successful web series of all time, and definitely worth watching for anybody looking to relate to, or laugh at, online RPG addicts.

"The Guild" Episodes:

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