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HighDEAS Profile

By Dave Mellisy

HighDEAS Profile Image courtesy of highDEAS
Link: http://highdeas.com/
Monthly Traffic: 83,236 visitors (as of 06/10)
Description: You ever come up with a great idea… on weed?
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What is "highDEAS"?:

Most people, including the last three Presidents of the United States, know that half the fun of smoking marijuana (or "reefer") is coming up with strange ideas you would never think of in a more clear-minded state, and then sharing them with your friends. Sometimes you start a lengthy bizarre quasiphilosophical conversation, sometimes you just get laughed at, but it's always fun.
But what if you're sitting around high, come up with a genius idea for a Ben and Jerry's flavor, but there's nobody around to tell it to? God knows you aren't going to remember it. HighDEAS to the rescue. This user-generated site allows stoners to submit their ideas, vote on the validity and/or hilariousness of others' ideas, and generally have a good stony time. It's like a Grateful Dead concert, but without self-indulgent guitar solos.
Mandatory disclaimer, provided by the Office of National Drug Control Policy: Marijuana use leads to addiction, use of harder drugs, cancer, AIDS, the death of your cats, leprosy, body odor, Super AIDS, blindness and thinking Sublime is the best band of all time.

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