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The Funny Reddit Profile

By Dave Mellisy

The Funny Reddit Profile
Image courtesy of reddit.com
Website: http://www.reddit.com/r/funny/
Description: Classic jokes and funny stuff from around the internet.
Similar Websites: Fark, Break, Urlesque

What is "The Funny Reddit"?:

Funny is one of thousands of subcategories on social news site Reddit. You're not going to find too much actual news in Funny, but you will find links to humorous pictures and videos. There's also some weird narrative-form method of conveying hilarity called a "joke".

I asked my grandfather about "jokes" and he said they were oral histories used for laughs before video was available outside the confines of movie theaters, back when the only pictures they had were in Life magazine. Those Life pictures aren't funny at all. Anyway, they have jokes on the Funny Reddit. It's like an archeological dig, but somewhat funnier.

Best of "The Funny Reddit":

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