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Site Profile: Urban Dictionary


Site Profile: Urban Dictionary

Courtesy: Urban Dictionary

Urban Dictionary
Website: www.urbandictionary.com
Monthly Traffic:15 million
Description: "Urban Dictionary is the dictionary that you wrote. Define Your World."

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What is Urban Dictionary?

Urban Dictionary is an internet source of slang words, phrases, and expressions. Most of these entries were submitted by users and passed through Urban Dictionary's editorial process. Founded by computer science college student Aaron Peckham in 1999, the site currently has 6,896,039 entries in their database.

How Does Urban Dictionary work?

Urban Dictionary receives an average of about 2,000 new definitions from their users every day. Users don't need to register to enter in a definition, however they must provide a valid email address. The Urban Dictionary editors then review the submission and can vote to accept or reject it. Once the word makes its way into their database, it will come up whenever someone searches for that term.

The Urban Dictionary editors abide by a strict set of guidelines to ensure the accuracy of the site's content. According to Wikipedia, those guidelines are as follows:

  • Publish celebrity names but reject friends' names. Definitions of first names are acceptable.
  • Names of bands and schools should be published only if they are popular.
  • Publish racial and sexual slurs but reject racist and sexist entries. Entries can document prejudice and slurs but not endorse it.
  • Publish opinions. Opinions are useful to readers unfamiliar with a topic and should not be rejected because of disagreement or offense, or inaccuracy.
  • Publish place names, nicknames and area codes of geographic entities.
  • Publish nonslang words. Swearing, misspelling, or presence of words in an ordinary dictionary are not reasons for rejection and should be ignored.
  • Publish jokes and sarcasm, but reject inside jokes that only the author's friends would understand.
  • Reject sexual violence and made-up violent sexual acts.
  • Reject nonsense. Be consistent on duplicates, reject nonsensical, circular, unspecific entries or those submitted in all capital letters. Non-English words and examples are acceptable, but entries with non-English definitions should be rejected.
  • Reject ads for web sites, and definitions written as advertising.
  • Publish if the definition appears to be plausible.

Who Uses Urban Dictionary?

The average age of Urban Dictionary users is about 25 years old, but anyone who has ever searched for a new slang word that they saw online has most likely utilized this service, perhaps without even knowing it!

Why do we need Urban Dictionary?

Like all things in language, internet slang is always changing and evolving. Over time we've seen popular expressions come and go, both online and off, and through it all, Urban Dictionary is a resource to those of us who are always trying to stay on top of vernacular web speak. Urban Dictionary not only lists and defines nearly all current internet slang words, but this site is also a great resource for those pesky acronyms that show up everywhere on the net.

What can you learn from Urban Dictionary?

Trying to figure out what your friend meant when she said, "SMH" on Facebook? A few clicks later, Urban Dictionary clues you in that your friend was saying, "[S]mack [M]y {H]ead." Unsure what it means to, "Rage Eat?" The U.D. has your back. (It means, "To eat furiously and profusely instead of actually dealing with issues," by the way.)

Is This A Fun Time-Killer, or Just a Useful Resource?

The Urban Dictionary is not just a useful tool for anyone who spends time on the internet, but it can also be a fun place to browse, when you're bored. There are some truly hilarious, random, and often vile definitions out there! We have put together a clean list of 15 Funny Definitions on Urban Dictionary, but that is admittedly just scratching the surface. With almost 7 million definitions on the site, be sure to browse their database yourself if you find yourself with time to kill and a desire to keep up with the "hip kids."

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