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BuzzFeed Site Profile


BuzzFeed Site Profile

Website: www.buzzfeed.com
Monthly Traffic: 25,000,000+
Description: The hottest, most social content on the web
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What is BuzzFeed?

Cofounded in 2006 by Jonah Peretti, who also cofounded The Huffington Post, BuzzFeed is a website that spotlights new and exciting pop culture phenomenon, news, videos, memes, scandals, and other information that is circulating online. BuzzFeed features a unique blend of user-generated content, staff-created content, and content supplied by their extensive partner network.

All published content is overseen by a full editorial staff, located in New York City. BuzzFeed aims to be a one-stop-shop for the hottest online material. They are particularly interested in spotting media that has the potential to go viral.

What is Viral Content?

Simply put, viral content is any piece of media that gains popularity among internet users quickly, becoming an internet sensation. You can learn more about viral videos here.

How Does BuzzFeed Detect & Foster Viral Content?

The site is built on a technological platform that uses complex algorithms to detect viral content on partner sites, allowing BuzzFeed to recognize hot new media as soon as it has amassed a few thousand hits during its first few hours online. Their system then posts the new content on the BuzzFeed homepage, giving it a "boost" by exposing it to a larger audience. Partner sites return traffic to BuzzFeed as part of a reciprocal relationship that benefits both sites.

Additionally, the site's editorial staff combs the internet each day, looking for the newest web trends and creating lists of popular subjects and links.

Who Reads BuzzFeed?

BuzzFeed thrives off of users sharing their content with their friends. In fact, as of March 2012, the site now receives the majority of its incoming traffic from Facebook, unlike most sites that rely upon search engine giant Google as their main source of traffic.

This means that by now, you have probably already seen BuzzFeed articles come across your Facebook newsfeed. The site also includes an active community element, with readers able to upload their own content to the site. If a user-generated article gets enough hits within the first day or two of being published, BuzzFeed's editors might select the article to appear on their main page, thereby giving it a real shot at going viral.

BuzzFeed readers can also vote on content, assigning badges such as LOL, OMG, Win, Cute, Geeky, Trashy, Fail, or WTF. This system enables readers not only to become a part of the site's community, but to surf for only the sort of content they're in the mood to view.

Why Should I Read BuzzFeed?

If you love to be the first person to know about all-things-internet, BuzzFeed is for you. Because the site has now expanded its reach to include everything from Politics to Sports and Lifestyle news, there really is something on the site that will interest every kind of reader. If you're looking for a laugh, look no further than the "LOL" category; if you're interested in seeing pictures of adorable animals doing adorable things, check out the "Cute" label or the Animal section. Their selection of serious and humorous posts is extremely varied, setting it apart from other--more traditional--news and entertainment sites.

Most importantly, BuzzFeed has a sense of humor. Many of the articles created by BuzzFeed staff are funny, and if there is a new humorous meme going around, you can bet that you'll see it first on BuzzFeed.

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