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Peeps Jousting


Here's a recipe for fun.

I sound like Martha Stewart.

Peep Jousting does, however, sound like some happy cellmaker's activity Martha devised in women's prison, but it's not. It's a sport!

To participate, simply wage battles between the famous sugar-coated marshmallow bunnies and chicks to the death -- or better stated: to the goo.

Presented by punkasspunk.com, here's what I gleaned from that punk. Peep Jousting in a nut's shell for you...

Take two spongy Peeps and arm each with a pointy, deadly toothpick o' doom. Place those eager jousters in a close, face-to-face position inside a microwave oven, then power that arena up. As the heat increases, Peeps expand. The first bravehearted sticky candy to become impaled by the other's toothpick is a loser.
Peep Jousting, ladies and gentlmen! Elaborate competition instructions and commentary illustrated with numerous throat-gasping action photographs are available for your perusal. All fully endorsed, I'm sure, by Major League Peep Jousting.

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