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The Comedy Wesbite (sic)


As a now, a-go-go schoolboy, I read the print version of "CRACKED Magazine," but it struck me as a lame wannabe of the much superior "MAD." "CRACKED" has always been in "MAD's" creative and popularity shadows. Jump ahead to today and an aggressive change is underfoot with the 47-year-old publication. Cracked Entertainment CEO Monty Sarhan states in a press release:
    "The new CRACKED.com is more than just a website to promote the print magazine. It is a destination site for original comedy content as well as a humor publication in and of itself," said Sarhan. "We expect CRACKED.com to become the home for comedy, satire and parody on the Internet. But more than that, we want it to be a comedy community."
The new CRACKED site officially launches today, Oct. 14. A quick look at the early postings show a shift from entertainment for adolescents to a college humor sensibility, meaning it's more risque and political. Back to the press release, meaning I'm getting more lazy and horizontal:
    "Updated five days a week, the completely revamped CRACKED.com includes a host of new features, including "Celebrity Blogs," spoofs, web comics, animated and live-action films and messageboards where users can discuss comedy and entertainment, pop culture, the number of celebrity poker shows that cable television can support at any one time, cat shows, Dick Cheney's lip curl, Paris Hilton's sex tape, Supreme Court nominations, determining who the father of Katie Holmes' spawn actually is, British dental care, muffin recipes, rising gas prices, Scientology and silent births (what, no epidural?), Burt Reynolds' hair (or lack thereof), rugby versus football, knitting, Al Pacino's constant yelling, sumo wrestling, nipple slips, winning at roulette, masturbation techniques and other weighty matters of global importance."
Goodnight, everybody!

Visit: CRACKED.com - The Comedy Wesbite

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