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Humor Ezines a k a Humor Magazines

Humor Ezines are Web sites offering a variety of comedy material, ranging from parody and satire to news content and interviews. These magazine formats are often updated. (If you're looking strictly for phony news items, click on "Satire Newsroom.")
CRACKED - The Humor Magazine Online - CRACKED.com
The online presence for 'CRACKED Magazine' goes beyond the print version with additional content and frequent updates.
Ape Culture
Calling itself a "pop culture humor webzine," this diverse collection of articles and interactive content is not only funny, but also informative (Kermit the Frog is gay). New material added biweekly.
MAD Magazine
Don't worry, the great American Humor magazine has been revitalized online at Warner Bros. with full-length features incorporating Alfred E. Neuman's trademark elements and new stuff designed especially for computers. Price: Free (Cheap).
Modern Humorist
Pretty darn impressive, updated daily, this publication relies heavily on news-oriented satire with a highbrow approach, although cheap laughs are always welcome and available.
National Lampoon Dotcom
The legendary magazine that changed the face (and breasts) of American comedy in the early '70s comes to the Web in a grossly brash monthly format with detailed satire and offensive silliness.
No, it's not about Shecky Greene -- well, not usually. This magazine focuses on stand-up comedy, featuring interviews, stories, and laughs punched out monthly with somewhat risqué business.
Timothy McSweeney's Internet Tendency
Decidedly literary in its approach, the articles added to "McSweeney's" every few days are rife with intellectual insight and appeal. Oh, they asked me to include the phrases "precious," "Belle epoque" and "throw it across the room."
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