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Humor Erotica

Sex and the witty. Humor Erotica laughs at skin and mating with adult humor through satire, parody, and spoof sites and funny sensual games. This stuff is nuts.
Humor Erotica
This collection presents the anatomically incorrect -- sensual and silly pleasures (cold showers may vary): Mammary Memory, Vintage Robot Porn, Naked News, The Eroticat Homepage, and The Nipple Server.
More Humor Erotica
Turn the lights down low and splash on a bottle of Canoe, as we entice you to feel up your mouse for these bizarre ticklers: "Gene Simmons' Celebrity Bedroom," "Am I Hot or Not?" "Monkey Hot or Not?" "Janet Reno's Girly Dance" and "Playdog."
Humor Erotica 3
Hot treats: "Chairlie's Angels," "Nipple Addition Surgery," "Prawnography," "Mantit," "Treasury of Geriatric Erotica," "Tickle Me Fabio" and "Live Nude Cats."
Almost Naked Animals
Animalia's Secret -- a menagerie of wildlife in underwear is on view in this pictorial gallery.
Christina Aguilera's XXXmas
Hear carols from "My Kind of Christmas," her new album of season's bleatings.
Earth Erotica
Photographic mammaries.
Give Bob a Wedgie
It's a harmless Shockwave game, but if you'll click through to the Funny Undies home page, you might get a jolt from the sexy slogans imprinted on their underwear.
Jennifer Lopez Butt Enlarger, The
"Trek Love"
Spock and Kirk sitting in a tree ...
Zombie Pinups
Zombie Pinups is a gallery of undoctored photographs featuring babes of the living dead.
Geek Erotica Eroto Cam
Take it off. Take it all off. And, so, they do at Geek Culture with the scintillating iGeek Strip Cam, Mac G3 Strip Down, and a Delectable Dell. True computer porn.
Kitty Porn
"Each day ... pictures of young cats go up on the Internet without their knowledge or consent," reports The Z-Zone. "What is to be done? Where does free speech end and compassion begin?"
Nude Man Carrot
Full frontal vegetable nudity is on display in Liam Selwyn's photography gallery of veggie lewdness. Provocative and orange.
Top 15 Redneck Porno Movies
From TopFive with somewhat explicit material.
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