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The Original Elf Bowling


Small Talk:

It's easy to see how this wacky holiday game became the runaway Internet hit of 1999's Christmas season. NStorm, the creator, made the cartoonish graphics and mechanics top notch, laced with brash touches in the silly scenario of a gang of striking toy factory elves bowled down (strike!) by Santa Claus.

The Bad News:

Currently, it appears NStorm has discontinued its online access of the original Elf Bowling game. Whether the competition will return at some future date is unknown.

The Good News:

NStorm is presenting three variations of the Elf Bowling theme, so there's still plenty of fun to be enjoyed from the wacky pixies. Choose Elf Bowling: Hawaiian Vacation, Elf Bowling Holiday Bundle, or Elf Bowling 7½: The Last Insult.

Unfortunately, there are no online play versions of these games at NStorm, but you can download free trial copies to Windows systems. Full feature games are available for purchase.

Updated: Dec. 2008

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