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Statler & Waldorf From the Balcony

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Statler & Waldorf From the BalconyPlay this trailer

The elderly curmudgeons from TV's "The Muppet Show" turn their attention and tongues to motion pictures with bi-weekly review videos at Movies.com. Their series is reminiscent of Roger Ebert and Richard Roeper's clips and critics approach, plus there's a new wrinkle with the integration of Balconisms, daffy definitions for moviegoers. Statler & Waldorf employ their trademark grumpy humor and Muppet friends, including Rowlf the Dog and Pepe the King Prawn, for guest commentaries, much felt.


Reviewing the reviewers, the sketches are predictable and a bit safe, but the hosts' crotchety camaraderie is enjoyable. Perhaps, Statler & Waldorf will find their teeth in future episodes. Meanwhile, there are no "thumbs up" summaries offered. Instead, the gents rate the movies on their "Snooze-O-Meter," providing wise probability predictions of our falling asleep during the flicks.

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