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How to Be Funny - Tips for Writing and Creating Humor - Comedy Helpers

To be frank, you'll have to teach yourself how to be funny. No one can do it for you. The process is mostly trial and error, plus lots of observing other people's comical successes and mistakes. To excel at humor is a lifetime job, not something you can conquer in an hour or two. That said, here are tips, testimonials, and resources -- comedy helpers -- on how to acquire silly sensibilities. Your mileage will vary.
Drawing Cartoons, Comics & Animation
About Drawing and Sketching Guide Helen South scribbles some great resources to jump-start your doodles.
About Magic and Illusion
Many comedians got their starts as magicians. Steve Martin and Johnny Carson come to mind -- and this egg I found in my ear! If you're so inclined, About Magic & Illusion helps you get to know your wabbit.
About Freelance Writers
When you're ready to show your words, Guide Jessica Ramirez will be of service in the marketing and business areas you'll need to understand.
About Comic Books
Guide Aaron Albert is on the comic book beat. From our viewpoint, most of his site pertains to action publications -- yeah, like "The Adventures of Bob Hope" and "Ren & Stimpy" weren't about superheroes. Anyway, look for helpful insights from comic artists and writers to aid you in another kind of sketch comedy.
Animation Comedy and Gag Writing
From "Animation World Magazine": "Writing for television animation with some tips on how to add comedy and gags to your script."
Hack FAQ
Dream of becoming a comic? Read Steven Rosenthal's "Complete Guide to Hack Stand-up Comedy." If you can overcome the cliches, find a stage and do it! Adult content.
How to: Be Funny
AskMen.com's correspondent Justin Becker suggests 10 ways to be funny with basic information that can help.
New Improv Page, The
Invaluable info on all improvisation facets, including getting started, trade tricks, and artists. Covering the U.S. and the world, Improv Games, Groups, Festivals, plus Workshops and Classes are tracked and detailed. Very nice. I wanna play!
Stand-up Comedy FAQ
Pay special attention to the writing and performing tips from the alt.comedy.standup newsgroup. While the guidelines are advanced for beginners, you might as well learn pitfalls as early as possible. If you're serious about performing professionally, there's much goodness to glean in this document compiled by Steven Silberberg and Steve Gelder.
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