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Animated Cartoons - Funny Animation

Watch and read about theatrical and television cartoons, plus see animations made for the Web.
Saturday TV Funhouse Video Clips
Video clips from several of the Robert Smigel cartoon spoofs shown on Saturday Night Live are viewable online.
Chilly Willy's Sub-Arctic World - Walter Lantz Chilly Willy Cartoons
The cute little penguin movie star of 50 Walter Lantz theatrical cartoons can be seen online in his many adventures at Chilly Willy's Sub-Arctic World. Hundreds of screenshots and other memorabilia are on display at this excellent fan site, too.
"Claymation Easter Celebration" - Vinton Studios Video Clips
In a sequence from the Emmy-winning holiday special, the Wilshire Pig poses as the Easter Bunny with startling results. See many more Claymation cartoon clips, including the California Raisins and the PJs.
Pixar Theater
Presenting animated short subjects, comedy movie trailers, and blooper outtakes reels from their Disney features like "Monsters, Inc.," "Toy Story 2," and "A Bug's Life."
"Psycho Elvus" - Alfred Hitchcock's "Psycho" With Elvis Presley
What if Alfred Hitchcock cast Elvis Presley as Norman Bates in ''Psycho?'' See the film.
"Shorties Watchin' Shorties"
Popular comedians' stand-up routines are fashioned into videos by adding cartoon imagery. Watch clips online.
'South Park' Christmas Showcase
Your favorite holiday stories, including Jesus vs. Santa and Frosty, are seen in these notorious TV video clips.
"South Park" Create-A-Character
Here's a diversion based on the cartoon series. Be like Cartman and design your South Park image with this online time killer toy.
Tom and Jerry in 'The Cat Concerto'
William Hanna and Joseph Barbera won an Academy Award for their 1946 Tom and Jerry cartoon, "The Cat Concerto," wherein the boys knock out a top 10 Liszt.
Adult Swim
Cartoon Network's ultra-sweet program block for grown-ups makes for hip, sardonic Sunday nights. Among the shows: "Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law," "The Ripping Friends," "Baby Blues," "The Brak Show," "Home Movies," and "Space Ghost Coast to Coast." Online video clips, also several Adult Swim games -- Carl's Freakin' Strip Poker, Brak Headkicker 2, Starboy Mutant Hotdog Game, more.
Big Cartoon Database, The
Claims to be "The Internet's Largest Searchable DataBase of Cartoons, Episode Guides, and Crew Lists" and I believe 'em. More than 40,000 theatrical and television animated cartoons, from silent movies 'til today, are documented in this valuable resource. All that, folks!
Looney Tunes
The Official Warner Bros. site presents new animated Webtoons on a regular basis starring their classic characters. It's not exactly the golden age, but these shorts are fun. Games and related materials are also offered.
Toon Tracker
Home of Lost Cartoons! That it is, especially those made for television. A big, fun resource with pictures, background information, and multimedia clips.
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