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Cartoons and Comic Strips features major syndicated comedy cartoonists and others with their special brands of humor, including "Garfield," "FoxTrot," "Mother Goose and Grimm," "In the Bleachers," "For Better or Worse" and "Nancy."
[i]Garfield[/i] Minus Garfield
The Garfield comic strip by Jim Davis has been reworked, firing a certain fatso kitty.
Reminiscent of Charles Addams' strange universe is Lio and his darkly comic cartoons.
Little Dee
A small girl is adopted by forest animals in this cute comic strip by Christopher Baldwin.
"5th Wave, The" by Rich Tennant
Weekly panels about computer users at "The New York Daily News," plus a three-month archive.
"Fat Cats" by Charlie Podrebarac
Corporate kitties, Leo and Bobcat, are immensely wealthy and pretentious in this "cat-eat-dog world," from United Feature Syndicate. Today's strip, currently in reruns with a 30-day archive.
"Ferd'nand" by Henrik Rehr
One of the ten longest-running dailies to feature new episodes. This classic mime and his family appear in today's strip and an one-month archive at United Media.
"Flight Deck" by Peter Waldner
Several days lag after newspaper publication, plus an archive at Creators. At Comics.com, one-week lag and one-month archive.
"Flo & Friends" by John Gibel and Jenny Campbell
Several days lag after newspaper publication and a small archive at Creators. At Comics.com: one-week delay, one-month archive.
"For Better or For Worse" by Lynn Johnston
A contemporary family, full of warmth and humor, from United Features. Today's strip, one-month archive.
"FoxTrot" by Bill Amend
What's the matter with kids? One of the most dependable performers, from the official site, today's strip. Thirty days archive at uComics.
"Frank & Ernest" by Bob Thaves
These guys are whatever characters they need to be to make a cartoon work. Today's strip and United Media offers a one-month archive.
"Frazz" by Jef Mallett
Today's strip and an archive for this feature about life in an elementary school.
"Gasoline Alley" by Jim Scancarelli
The chronicles of the Wallets' family continue. Today's strip and an archive.
"Geech" by Jerry Bittle
An eccentric small town is home to this series. Today's strip and an one-month archive at United Media.
"George Liquor's Fishing Show"
In this full-length talking comic book, go on a gross-out excursion as George teaches you his angling angles. Explicit content.
"Get Fuzzy" by Darby Conley
Talking dog and cat, Satchel and Bucky, make life strange for mild-mannered single guy Rob Wilco in this United Features daily. Today's strip, one-month archive.
Glasbergen Cartoons, Randy
A different cartoon featured each day, plus more than a thousand others categorized by topics in Randy Glasbergen's archives. Plus, his syndicated comic strip, "The Better Half."
"Graffiti" by Gene Mora
Today's scribble, plus a four-weeks archive at United Media. (Monday through Saturday)
"Grand Avenue" by Steve Breen
A grandmother raises twins. Today's strip and an archive.
"Grizzwells, The" by Bill Schorr
Beary funny. Today's strip (Monday-Saturday), plus a four-weeks archive at Comics.com.
Hagar the Horrible by Chris Browne
Before television, before radio, before vaudeville, before movies, there were nutty vikings. From "The Houston Chronicle," today's strip. One-month archive at King Features.
Heart of the City by Mark Tatulli
This eager little girl can be found in today's strip and a multi-year archive.
"Heathcliff" by George Gately
Today's strip at "Houston Chronicle." Several days lag at Creators with an archive. At Comics.com: one-week delay, one-month archive.
Henry by Carl Anderson
The silent kid is still on the prowl in these recent reruns of the classic comic.
"Herman" by Jim Unger
Reruns of the classic panels. Today's cartoon, plus an archive at United Media.
"Internet Movie Strip, The" by Kevin Giovanetto
This offbeat feature uses actual movie photographs and applies comic talk balloons and captions to bring out the humor. The strip has recently been on hiatus, but there is a big archive of selected items.
In the Bleachers by Steve Moore
Sports -- not by the rules -- in these wild exhibitions, from "The Boston Globe." Follow the "More" link under the cartoon to an archive.
"Jane's World" by Paige Braddock
"A place where chicks rule," says United Feature Syndicate. Today's strip (except Sunday), plus an archive. Ms. Braddock, by the way, was picked by Charles Schulz to be the artistic caretaker of his "Peanuts" universe.
"Jump Start" by Robb Armstrong
Modern family situations, from United Media, today's strip, four-week archive.
"Kit 'N' Carlyle" by Larry Wright
A single woman and her mischievous kitten, from United Media. Today's cartoon (except Sunday), plus an archive. One of our favorite comics at our cat-infested home. Coincidentally, long before this comic appeared in 1980, I knew a feline named Kitty Carlisle.
Krazy Kat: The Coconino County Home Page
The classic Krazy Kat comic strip by George Herriman is one of the best ever. Read about this historic achievement and enjoy numerous funny reprints online.
"Liberty Meadows" Uncensored Comics
Not all of the choice funnies from cartoonist Frank Cho's pen make it into syndication. Enjoy more than 100 outtakes!
"Li'l Abner" by Al Capp
The classic comic adventures of the Yokums and the hillbilly community of Dogpatch rerun daily, excepting Saturdays, from United Feature Syndicate. One-month archive.
Lola by Steve Dickenson and Todd Clark
"Proper diet, exercise and political correctness arenít her cup of tea." Elderly Lola's "busy living life to the fullest and making sure everyone else does too." Today's strip, three-month archive. Tribune.
"Luann" by Greg Evans
Luann and her friends deal with teen issues in comic ways. Today's strip and an archive, from United Feature Syndicate.
"Marmaduke" by Brad Anderson
Today's strip and one-month archive at Comics.com.
"Marvin" by Tom Armstrong
He's a little baby in a big world. Today's strip and an archive.
Matt and Maynerd by Jamie Reynolds
Best buddies front these childhood cartoons. The most recent strip and an archive.
"Meg!" by Greg Curfman
In reruns, see today's strip and a one-month archive for this precocious little girl from United Media.
"Mister Boffo" by Joe Martin
From Boston.com, today's strip. Follow the link beneath the current cartoon to a multi-year archive. The official Mister Boffo site, presented by Neatly Chiseled Features, has several different year's worth stockpiled.
"Momma" by Mell Lazarus
The meddlesome mother can be found online in today's newspaper strip and an archive.
"Monty" by Jim Meddick
(Formerly "Robotman") - Brainy Monty and his weird friends and escapades. Today's strip, one-month archive.
"Motley" by Larry Wright
Today's strip (except Sundays), one-month archive.
Mudpie by Guy Gilchrist
A gentle comic for kids set in the animal world. Today's strip and three-month archive.
Mutts by Patrick McDonnell
Yesh! From "Houston Chronicle," today's strip. Full month archive at King Features.
"Nancy" by Guy and Brad Gilchrist
When you look at it from a kid's viewpoint, even Sluggo can be amusing. Today's strip, one-month archive, from United Features. Okay, maybe not Sluggo.
"Natural Selection" by Russ Wallace
This daily feature is "a single-panel, surreal, intelligent, gag cartoon that (has) the look and feel of an editorial cartoon," explains Creators Syndicate which offers today's cartoon (except Sunday) and an archive. Comics.com presents strips one week after newspapers, plus a larger archive.
"New Yorker, The"
Dozens of classy cartoons from the current issue of the magazine are available for viewing online. Click the thumbnail images for full-size drawings. Weekly updates.
"Non Sequitur" by Wiley Miller
The current strip, from "The Seattle Post-Intelligencer," and an archive of previous material.
"Not in My Backyard!" by Dale Taylor
A warm, amusing strip revolving around Oscar the Wiener Dog and his pals -- and a nutty squirrel named Oliver. The artist's site features a complete archive.
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