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'Tiger' by Bud Blake

Comic Kids


Boasts the syndicator, this smart, funny item, "a winner of the National Cartoonists Society's prestigious 'Best Humor Strip of the Year' Award," has been tracking its all-boy hero since 1965. His ever-present gang, Punkinhead, Hugo, Bonnie, Suzy, Julian, and Stripe the spotted pup, tag along.

The link below goes to today's strip in "The Houston Chronicle." King Features' site features a few "Tiger" selections from the previous month for free, but full access with today's strip and a 12-month archive requires a nominal fee.

Living in a black hole, apparently, I had never seen "Tiger" in print before researching this piece. It has been a pleasure getting acquainted online. "Tiger" has the feeling of a real treat, perfect for this boy.

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