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Men in Coats

Unusual 'Silent' Slapstick Comedy Video


Men in Coats, Mick Dow and Maddy Sparham

A promotional photo of the Men in Coats, Mick Dow and Maddy Sparham.

A bootleg Dutch TV video posted like wildfire onto the Internet is entertaining audiences with the strange visual shenanigans of Mick Dow and Maddy Sparham, who appear as Men in Coats. Initially, according to Chortle, the pantomime prop comedians fought back with legal tactics, but "the programme makers, and the comics, have decided they are powerless to stop its spread."

Dow says, their performance spot "received five-star reviews from viewers and we have been inundated with emails from all over the world. Although it is in breach of our copyright, we have to take the view that all publicity is good publicity."

The video (not published on About Humor, by the way) can be seen at the following mirror sites.

Watch: Men in Coats @ Putfile | Men in Coats @ Koreus | Men in Coats @ Transbuddha
More: Men in Coats Official Site (Press photo courtesy of Men in Coats)

Mike Durrett worked as a comedian in radio and several independent films, and as a gag man for entertainment personalities before producing and writing About Humor as our Guide, starting in 1998. He publishes original humor on MikeDurrett.com and TheTopOneList.com. Click for more info on Humor Boy.

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