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Funny People: K-L

Funny People spotlights comedians and humorists.
Keaton, Buster
Nice site. The revered artist of the silents is also, unquestionably, one of The All-Time Great Filmmakers, if not THE GREATEST comedy director.
Kinison, A Multimedia Tribute to the Life and Comedy of Sam
The robust features available at Kinison.com include a photo gallery and video and audio performance clips of the shock comedian.
Knotts, Don, 1924 - 2006
Pro Cartoonists Index presents a gallery of art dedicated to the comedian by major editorial cartoonists at the time of his death.
Knotts - Mayberry and Beyond, Don
Photos, sound bites, commentary, and some fun with Don Knotts. Largely celebrates Barney Fife of "The Andy Griffith Show."
Kutcher, Ashton: "Punk'd "
Ashton Kutcher's hidden camera pranks and practical jokes on celebrities. See video clips at the show's site.
Laurel and Hardy Society: Sons of the Desert, Way Out West Tent
A superb site from The Los Angeles Chapter of the International Laurel and Hardy Society. Once, I heard a woman comment negatively on Stan and Ollie, "Oh, they're so silly!" Yes, ma'am. That's the point. And no one's done it better.
Letterman," "Late Show With David
The official CBS-Worldwide Pants Dave site is spectacular. Simply one of the very best places for comedy on the Net.
Lewis, Happy Birthday, Jerry
Legendary comedian Jerry Lewis receives a distinguished award and thanks for the laughs on his 80th birthday. Humor Guide Mike Durrett remembers.
Lewis, It's Only Jerry - It's Only Money & Jerry Lewis DVDs
A reader asks about the Jerry Lewis film It's Only Money and home video availability. We answer and share news of 10 Jerry Lewis comedy movies released on DVD. Also, a tip on where to learn about Jerry's pictures shown on television.
Lewis Comedy Museum and Store, Jerry
Sure, Jerry is my favorite. That said, if there is a better, more elaborate official star site, I want to see it. This thing is superb, photos, audio and video clips, movie trailers, memorabilia, Dean Martin memories and more. Pinch me.
Lewis, Jerry: "Will the Real Jerry Lewis Please Sit Down?"
Via Archive.org: YesterdayLand presents a reminder of ABC-TV's 1970-72 Saturday morning cartoon series, produced by Filmation, based on Jerry's live-action movie characters.
Lloyd, Harold
Whether he was dangling from skyscrapers or planted on firm ground, Lloyd was -- to use an overexposed word -- great, and in firmly footed in silent films' top comedy triumvirate with Chaplin and Keaton. This site, "Hello Harold Lloyd," offers history and news of the comedian.
Lynde: PaulLynde.info
PaulLynde.info is an affectionate fan site devoted to the memory of comedian and actor Paul Lynde. Audio and video clips from The Hollywood Squares and his comedy performances are featured.
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