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Sitcom and Cartoon Videos From Nickelodeon TV


There's such a proliferation of adult-oriented comedy videos across the Internet, it's actually quite refreshing to locate a mother load of squeaky clean amusements. TurboNick, as you might expect, is the on-demand screening room for moving mirth originated by TV's kid bonanza, Nickelodeon -- and, as I enter my seventh or eighth childhood, that's a find for me, too.

The colorful universe, which also houses funny Flash games, heaps generous quantities of video clips from the network's sitcoms and cartoons onto computer monitors everywhere. The featured shows include SpongeBob SquarePants, Ned's Declassified, The Fairly OddParents, Drake & Josh, Unfabulous, Zoey 101, Jimmy Neutron, Rugrats, Catscratched, and Angry Beavers.

I happened upon TurboNick while tracking down information on a new, somewhat Muppet-like series, Mr. Meaty, the work-related comedy about a fast food restaurant. I've watched several of the sequences, and even though I'm a vegetarian, I'll be donning dark glasses and a false moustache to return to "Mr. Meaty's, where friends meet to eat ... meat!"

Visit: TurboNick

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