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Christmas Humor

Christmas joy, funny packages of jokes, top 10 lists, classic games and comedy spoofs.
Funny Christmastime Videos
Open these visual packages before and after Christmas, a festive collection of comedy clips and cooly crazy holiday videos. Carols, cartoons, and Chipmunks, the three C's of comedy, are under your mouse.
Tattoo Santa
Santa Claus is in a tattoo parlor. Yipe.
Pimp My Nutcracker - For All Your Interactive Nutcracker Pimping Needs
This online blingy thingy allows you to Pimp My Nutcracker, for which we are forever grateful -- and superfly.
Christmas and New Year's Comedy Movies
Ten slap-happy holiday flicks, all rated three ho's or mo'.
A Durrett Family Christmas Album
Got the pictures back from the drugstore. Share your Guide's magical holiday experiences in a very special photo gallery from "Humor Boy's Blog." Hanky, anyone?

Insanity Claus: Santa Goes Nuts
Ho Ho Homey is acting peculiar, as are others, during the holidays. Here are seven Funny Sites: "Santa Catch Presents" game, "Santa and the Little Green Wrapper" webtoon, "Christmas Jokes," "Santa the Spokesman," "Christina Aguilera's XXXmas," "Elves in Black" with Santa's "CyberSleigh Training Simulator," and "Mr. T vs. Santa." Several contain adult content.
Santa's Naughty List
A collection of Funny Sites of the Day Mr. Claus is none too pleased to see, including Bob Rivers' Twisted Christmas Tunes, "Silent (But Deadly) Night" flatulent elves, Nasty Santa, plus Rebel Noel in The Wrath of Santa, and Put a Cap in Santa and Frosty games.
Santastic Seven
Another bundle of cool Christmas packages, from your About Guide, including these holiday sites: Santa Panic, Santa Goes Butt-Boardin', Santa Goes Butt-Boardin' 3-D, The Santa Simulator, Christmas Community Humor, Santa Claus Timeline, and Rudolph Remixed.
"The Chanukah Song"
Hear and/or see the original Adam Sandler holiday tune online, plus sing-along from the handy lyrics sheets. Part II lyrics available, too.
"Chanukah Song 3"
Adam Sandler reprises his sing-songy seasonal carol with updated lyrics, performed on "Saturday Night Live," November, 2002. View it from Cinema Confidential via Windows Media Player or at AdamSandler.com in QuickTime and Windows Media. Need a free player?
Jesus vs. Elvis
Comparing the kings.
Letters to Walken
Merry Christopher Walken! Students ignore Santa Claus to write their holiday mail to the offbeat movie actor. (12/22/04)
"The Narrator That Ruined Christmas"
As seen on "Saturday Night Live," an animated spoof of "Rudolph, the Red Nosed Reindeer."
Nasty Santa Presents "The Twelve Days of Christmas"
In a land fart, fart away, an outgoing music video. Don't light a match for an encore.
A little Santa Christmas tree ornament is hungry and decides to go on an adventure in this delightful computer animated cartoon.
Santa's Disco, Santa's Tennis Game & "Santa's New Hairdoo!"
You make him dance, among other Clausian activities, including an animated cartoon about Santa's grooming.
Scared of Santa Photo Gallery
Here's a funny collection of real life pictures featuring Christmas kids sitting on Santa Claus' lap, showing their fear and tears.
'South Park' Christmas Showcase
Your favorite holiday stories, including Jesus vs. Santa and Frosty, are seen in these notorious TV video clips.
Christmas '59
"This ('National Lampoon') glance (by John Hughes) into the lives of the Griswolds is far different than the 'Christmas Vacation' movie, and, unfortunately, nobody gets shot. However, it is the picture-perfect version of a dysfunctional family gathering. Tears are shed, insults are hurled, a foreigner is made fun of, a small animal dies, and a young boy's hopes are dashed."
Christmas Cartoons 2002
From Pro Cartoonists Index, major editorial artists share satire of the season. Click on any image to send as an email greeting with your personalized message.
Christmas Cartoons 2001
From Pro Cartoonists Index, editorial artists dealt with the War on Terror among other topics, including cloning and the recession. Still funny. Click on the cartoon images to forward as an email greeting.
Christmas Light Smashfest
"Enjoy the satisfying sound of breaking glass. Amusing holiday stress reliever. Does not hold much therapeutic or other value, excluding entertainment," boasts Schillmania. Point your cursor at the bulbs and click.
Christmas Song Lyrics Index
Let's go a-caroling with this comprehensive collection of holiday tunes, including the words to humorous ditties like "I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas," "The Chipmunk Song," "Frosty the Snowman," "Here Comes Santa Claus," and "All I Want for Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth."
Doctor Fun's Christmas Bonus
A bag full of irreverent holiday cartoons, from The Doctor Fun Archive.
"Dumbass Santa Bass"
Killfrog's animated Webtoon spoof of those hideous talking mounted fish takes an ugly spin into violence and some adult content. If you'd like to hear a mouth-breather sing "Let It Snow," "Nutcracker," "Deck the Halls," "Chestnuts Roasting," and "Red Nose Reindeer," then here's the bait.
Gallery of Unfortunate Christmas Cards
From Cap'n Wacky's Boatload of Yule, a collection of actual paper greeting cards which have not stood the test of time or Mr. Wacky's snarky comments. Sadly -- or happily, depending on your perspective -- the cards aren't available for email forwarding.
(How to Get on) Santa's Naughty List
GotLaugh's cute animation with simple no-no tips, like "while he's in the house, cover the chimney with plastic wrap."
Inflatable Reindeer Puzzle Page, The
Look at the "chaotic squeaking mass of vinyl animals" and determine how many reindeer are stuffed into the room.
Jingle Bell Schlock
"'Tis the season to be sullen" with this "endless stream of Christmas dreck" from the grumps at Suck. Explicit language.
Physics of Santa, The
Is There Really a Santa Claus? Some amazing statistics about the sleigh ride around the globe, courtesy of The North Texas Church of Freethought. Here's a mirror copy of the article, originally printed in "Spy" magazine. Parental discretion advised.
Rodney Dangerfield in "Special Delivery"
A brief animated Christmas greeting from the comedian. In Flash, PC downloads only, at NStorm.com.
In the tradition of virtual pets, enjoy holiday themed desktop companions. There's Hilda Turkey, the Slacker Elves, and B@$*!#d Santa. Download several and they'll interact.
Season's Bleatings
"Holiday Cards to Shove Down Their Chimneys," from Modern Humorist. These cards are spoofs, but you may email them, too.
'Star Trek' Christmas Carols
In Star Trek Humor: A collection of parody lyrics for major Christmas carols, from ajokes.com.
"Star Wars Holiday Special, The"
This infamous 1978 musical-variety Christmas season show featured the original movie's cast with guests Bea Arthur, Harvey Korman, Art Carney, and Jefferson Starship. Planet Tokyo presents a blow-by-blow review and enough schlocky screen captures to keep you awake nights. Another site, Star Wars Caught on Tape, offers more snaps, a screensaver, and -- gasp! -- a singing Princess Leia.
TopFive Holiday Cards
"We, your cats,
at Christmas say,
Thanks for caring
for us each day.
We love this season,
all green and red,
And by the way,
the hamster's dead."
Cards From Pets, Cards for Bad Boys and Girls, Cards From Celebrities, WWF (World Wrestling Federation) Cards, and Y2K Cards. Yeah, the collection might not be the freshest, but these snarky sentiments are still worth the clicks to view them.
"Twisted Chipmunk Song, The"
Move over Alvin and the Chipmunks. Here come Melvin and the Gerbils in the animated Webtoon version of Bob Rivers' parody of the classic Christmas novelty song. Need Flash?
"White Trash Christmas"
Wacky -- and tacky -- animated music video of the Bob Rivers' song parody. "Ladies and gentlemen, one of The Three Wise Men on harmonica...."
X-mas Files, The
Photographic evidence of the existence of Santa Claus, from Jamalyn's X-Shrine.
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