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Cat Humor

Cat Humor purrs along in this cuddly, funny side of cats collection, including B. Kliban Cats, Cat Boxing, and Kitty Porn.
LOLCat Bible Translation Project
The Old and New Testaments are being deciphered by cats for cats via the LOLCat Bible Translation Project.
Cats in Sinks - Funny Pet Pictures - Cat Humor
Cute photographs of Cats in Sinks, obviously the the cool kitty thing to do.
It's Raining Cats
Five furry feline fun sites: Cat Dynamics; Zen Cat Box; Basic Rules for Cats Who Have a House to Run; Alley Cat game; and Bill Hall's Cat Tales.
Cat Bowling
The Flash game at Grab, takes the standard rules of bowling and applies them to kitties and pumpkins, substituted for pins and balls. The more cats you knock down, the more you score.
Cat Boxing
Pugnacious, pulverizing kitties battle their own kind, a pathetic pooch, and a toddling tot in a litter of brawl-packed video clips. Be sure to seek out the brief movies "Tackling Kitty," "Feline Freakout," and "Cat Attacks Kid."
Rate My Kitten
Kitties galore for you to score -- and don't miss the "Gallery" for a snapshot collection of cute poses.
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