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Cat Cartoons and Comic Strips

Much kitty comedy evolves into cat cartoons and comic strips. Here are some favorites, from B. Kliban Cats to Garfield.
Kat Fight
A Joe Cartoon Co. short subject of animal mayhem.
B. Kliban Cats
The illustrator's surreal world of domesticated felines is appropriately housed online at eatmousies.com, where you may gawk at full-color Kliban cats in a whimsical gallery of prized drawings.
"Calvin and Hobbes" by Bill Watterson
The classic small kid with a big imagination and his pet tiger. Eleven-year Net lag, multi-year archive!
"Cats With Hands" by Joe Martin
At last! Thumbs! Today's comic and a three-month archive at Tribune. An archive at the cartoonist's site offers additional cartoons.
"Fat Cats" by Charlie Podrebarac
Corporate kitties, Leo and Bobcat, are immensely wealthy and pretentious in this "cat-eat-dog world," from United Feature Syndicate. Currently in reruns with a 30-day archive.
"Get Fuzzy" by Darby Conley
Talking dog and cat, Satchel and Bucky, make life strange for mild-mannered single guy Rob Wilco in this United Features daily. Today's strip, one month archive.
"Kit 'N' Carlyle" by Larry Wright
A single woman and her mischievous kitten, from United Media. Today's cartoon (except Sunday), plus an archive. One of our favorite comics at our cat-infested home. Coincidentally, long before this comic appeared in 1980, I knew a feline named Kitty Carlisle.
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