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Cartoons, Comic Strips, and Animation

Links and resources for your favorite cartoons, comic strips, cartoonists, syndicates, animated Webtoons, traditional animation, and related fun.
The 700 Hoboes Project
Celebrating the rail-riding adventurers of The Great Depression with 700 comical caricatures.
Joe Mathlete Explains Today's Marmaduke
Marmaduke is a big dog, but not a wildly funny comic strip. Avid reader Joe Mathlete takes it upon himself to explain, frequently.
Comic Alert!
This service helps gather your favorite comic strips and cartoon online or via RSS news readers or email notifications.
Today's Comics
Over 160 of today's major newspaper edition cartoons and comic strips are available on the Net today, too. You no longer have to wait one to two weeks to see them, if you know where to look. And we do...
Spotlight on: "Angry Kid"
In Animated Web Cartoons (Webtoons): From Aardman Animations, the Brit brat's mischievous misadventures now appear in more than 50 short comedy movies. Although made for BBC television, the "Angry Kid" cartoons have enjoyed big success on the Internet.
Spotlight on: Blondie Gets Married!
Rare comic strip drawings by Chic Young, presented at the Library of Congress.
Caricature Zone - Celebrity Sketches - Games - Caricature Generator
Caricature Zone features more than 1000 drawings of international personalities, plus numerous related items, including games and a caricature generator.
Superman Is a Bleep - Superdickery.com
The Man of Steel is bad to the core. Vintage comic book covers provide the proof.
Drawing Cartoons, Comics & Animation
About Drawing and Sketching Guide Helen South scribbled some great resources to jump-start your doodles.
About Comic Books
Guide Gary Chisholm, Jr. is on the comic book beat. From our viewpoint, most of his site pertains to action publications -- yeah, like "The Adventures of Bob Hope" and "Ren & Stimpy" weren't about superheroes. Nevertheless, you might find some of the resources helpful in your comic endeavors.
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