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Smile, You're on Candid Camera

An assortment of links devoted to the long-running hidden camera series, plus creator and host Allen Funt.
Candid Camera, 1960-1967
Brief page of tidbits from Tim's TV Showcase, including a '60s' TV Guide cover.
Candid Camera, 1960-1967
Sketchy information on the prime Allen Funt years, from Internet Movie Database.
"Candid Camera"
The official site for the current incarnation of the program, hosted by Peter Funt, Allen's son, and Suzanne Somers. Unfortunately, there are no clips. Unsmile.
Candid Camera Music
Series history and musical data, from Classic Themes.
"What Do You Say to a Naked Lady?"
Funt's 1970 X-rated feature film. TV Guide's synopsis and commentary on the once mildly notorious production.
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