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Brain Teasers, Quizzes and Questionnaires

Humorous quizzes, funny questionnaires, mental games and brain teasers to make you go "Duh."
Spot the Fake Smile
A visual quiz from the BBC to test your insight.
Blufr - No Way! / Way! Trivia
Animal Blind Date
If you were a non-human being animal, what critter would you date? A questionnaire from the London Zoo.
Are You a Lover or a Loner?
A quiz to determine your place in romantic society.
Caffeine Addict's Quiz
Whether you take this coffee quiz straight or with cream and sugar, you might have a problem, Zombie Eyes.
Gadzillion Things to Think About, A
Exactly. Brain teasers galore on most any subject.
How to Communicate With the Opposite Sex
Email? Telephone? Smoke signals? Yeah, those work, but this tutorial quiz will show you how to manipulate those boogers.
It's the Amazing Saddam Quiz
Your objective: Choose the photos of the real Saddam, not his body doubles.
Rules of Romance
This point system questionnaire sums you up, as seen from the eyes of your sweetie.
Urinal Game, The
It's tough being Mikey. I never know where to, um, stand in the men's room. I hear other guys have the same problem. Take this, um, handy, um, whiz quiz and, um, go in, um, peace. From CleverMedia, you'll need Shockwave.
Wendell, Dog of Wonder
This canine genius knows what you're thinking.
Arse or Elbow?
"Do you know your arse from your elbow?" See if you can correctly identify these photographs collected by Ass-O-Tron. Hmmm, turns out I'm an elbow man.
I Pick My Nose
Participate in a world-wide survey, do you or don't you? May I have a hanky, please?...
The long-running newspaper word game, providing an amusing caption, is available from "The Houston Chronicle" in fresh puzzles Monday through Saturday.
Oracle of Elvis at Virginia, The
It's the Six Degrees of Elvis Presley game. Link any actor to the King with this handy tool.
Play the USA Network TV game online. Identify two phrases from clues, then smush them together to form a funny third. Example: "Mexican stuffed tortilla" + "The grime between your foot's little piggies" = "Burritoejam." Need Shockwave Flash?
Terminator, The
The Six Degrees of Bacon game is reworked for Arnold Schwarzenegger at this University of Virginia site. Type in an actor's name and see the number of links between him and Arnie. Great for trivia buffs.
Based on the board game, answer mind-boggling questions on Pain, Fear, Discomfort, Appearance, Embarrassment, Food Ingestion, Ethics, and Intellect as the predicaments serve up tough titterings. It's also fun to predict how your friends will answer.
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