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Bloopers, Outtakes and Mistakes

Bloopers, Outtakes and Mistakes presents lists of trivial goofs in movies and multimedia foul-ups, bleeps and blunders from films, television, radio and recording sessions. Also included, material that simply didn't make it into the show.
The Slip-Up Archive
Sharp eyes and ears have noted and documented flubs and mistakes in thousands of cases involving movies, television, books, and human beings.
Outrageous TV Outtakes, Bloopers, and Blunders
A collection of flubs made during the filming of classic television programs and appearances.
Kyra Phillips Potty Break Live
Watch CNN anchor Kyra Phillips embarrassing moment on TV and read her Top 10 excuses told to David Letterman.
Gallery of Misused Quotation Marks - Real Life Humor - Bloopers - Mistakes
Heinous crimes against punctuation are on view in the Gallery of ''Misused'' Quotation Marks.
Catch Phrase Blooper - Quiz Show Blooper Video Clip
A video clip of a funny moment on the British quiz show, ''Catch Phrase.''
Doh the Humanity - Web Page Bloopers and Mistakes
Explore the mystique of mistakes uncovered on ''broken Web pages, but in a funny way.''
"Blind Date" Video Outtakes and More
Coupling clips have returned to the official site for the outrageous TV "reality" show.
John Edwards Does His Hair
Senator John Edwards is seen grooming his hair via raw satellite footage taken before a television appearance.
"Liberty Meadows" Uncensored Comics
Rejected cartoons, some racy, from Frank Cho's popular syndicated comic strip.
Movie Bloopers Online
Mistakes are documented and illustrated with screen captures from the faulty films.
An humongous film bloopers catalog. Informative and fun to read.
Nitpickers Site, The
Thousands of moviemaking mistakes are documented.
Pixar Theater
Presenting animated short subjects, comedy movie trailers, and tongue-in-cheek blooper outtakes reels from their Disney features, "Monsters, Inc.," "Toy Story 2," and "A Bug's Life."
Ronald Reagan Bloopers and Outtakes
See a reel of his movie mistakes and hear the famous radio blooper. Enjoy the wit and humor of President Ronald Reagan, plus spoofs and quotes featuring the actor, politician, and cut-up.
Speech Goofs, Foreign Goofs, and Political Bloopers
Read and snicker at several dozen snafus.
"Trek Love"
The episodes they didn't want you to know about have surfaced.
Xena Bloopers
A page of outtake video clips from ''Xena: Warrior Princess'' as presented on ''TV's Bloopers and Practical Jokes" with Dick Clark: Warrior Narrator.
Bloopers, jokes and funny stories about advertising, collected by the University of Texas at Austin. Categories include "Lost in the Translation," "Bona Fide Classifieds," "Heard It on the Radio" and "How Not to Name a Product."
Internet Movie Database Goofs Browser, The
Continuity, factual errors, and anachronisms are among the mistakes noted in motion pictures. IMDb lists their current top 10 requested goofs pages, generally current releases, and there's a strong goofs search engine to uncover flubs in other pictures.
Natalie Portman in Summer Camp
Oprah Winfrey surprises Natalie Portman with a video tape of her and friends in a summer camp performance of "Cabaret."
"The Nutty Professor II: The Klumps"
Outtake footage from the Eddie Murphy comedy at Universal's official movie package.
Outrageous Outtakes
TV Party's terrific video clip collection of "foul-mouthed television stars" includes "M*A*S*H," Ronald Reagan, Robin Williams on "Mork and Mindy," TV newsman Frank Blair, X-rated "The New Zoo Revue," "Burke's Law," Elizabeth Taylor on "General Hospital," "Star Trek," "Laverne and Shirley," "McHale's Navy," and Don Rickles, Jack Benny, and Richard Nixon on "Laugh-In." Explicit content.
Slip-Up Archive, The
Slipups.com looks for and documents "any amusing accidental blooper or mistake that wasn't caught, and made its way to the viewing public" in movies, books, television, and quotations. Thousands of items, all searchable.
"Star Trek" Bloopers
To boldly goof where no man has goofed before. See on-camera actor flubs in video clips from "Star Trek: Voyager," "Star Trek: The Next Generation," "Star Trek: Deep Space 9," and the original "Star Trek" TV series. From Civilization Fanatics' Center.
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