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Blogs, Tweets and Social Networks


There are millions of people blogging, tweeting and clocking in hours on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and other popular social networks every day. A lot of great humor starts to get passed around in those places and it all ends up cataloged right here.
  1. Social Media & Sharing Communities
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  3. Single Topic Blogs

Social Media & Sharing Communities

Twitter. Reddit. Facebook. All great sites where you can chat with friends and find out relevant news and links. Those social media, networking, and humor sharing sites are also great for finding some pretty awesome humor content. There's a lot out there, however, so before you get overwhelmed, head here and you'll find what you're looking for.

Great Blogs

Many of our favorite popular websites started off as a simple blog. All it takes is a computer, internet access, and a blogger who is dedicated to writing funny copy and exploring his or her comedy niche in blog-form, which is why there are so many great blogs on the web today. Check out some of our favorites, below.

Single Topic Blogs

Some sites really find their niche in the very dedicated, very focused topics they take on. Here's a collection of some of our favorite single topic blogs.

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