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The Funniest Single Topic Blogs


Some websites bloom with the amount of varied content, such as YouTube or College Humor. But some sites really find their humor and voices in the very dedicated, very focused topics they take on. Here's a collection of the best single topic funny blogs.


photo courtesy of Engrish
Engrish is a blog that features misused, bastardized version of English used in signs and product packaging in Asian countries (and Asian parts of English language-speaking countries). It's a simple idea for a website. Don't let that fool you -- horrible bastardizations of the English language never cease to be hilarious. The worse the error, the funnier the post.

There I Fixed It

photo courtesy of There I Fixed It

The text on There I Fixed It's banner boasts that the site features "Epic Kludges + Jury Rigs." A kludge is a temporary solution to a problem that, when applied to the worlds of construction, plumbing and car repair, normally involves a fistful of duct tape and some random cobbling. Sometimes, people take pictures of their "epic kludges" because they are just preposterous. And thanks to There I Fixed It, your shopping cart grill can be enjoyed by the public at large.

My First Fail

photo courtesy of My First Fail

My First Fail is like the baby sister of Fail Blog and There I Fixed It. Literally -- the site features cute children failing at various activities, from sitting on Santa's lap to going to the bathroom. The difference between My First Fail and those other sites is that when these kids screw up... well, it's so darned cute!

The "Blog" of "Unnecessary" Quotation Marks

photo courtesy of The "Blog" of "Unnecessary" Quotation Marks
Bethany Keeley, a "grad student" in "rhetoric," started taking "pictures" of signs that had "unnecessary" quotation marks, such as this one and this one. She posted these pictures to her blog, The Blog of "Unnecessary" Quotation Marks because she thought the pictures were funny (her being a "word nerd" and all). The "end."

Awful Library Books

photo courtesy of Awful Library Books
Mary Kelly and Holly Hibner, two Detroit-area librarians, kept finding truly horrible books in their library's collection. So, with the blessing of their library, they started scanning and uploading pictures from these books to their blog, Awful Library Books. These are some really, really stupid, pointless books. Laugh away!

Awkward Family Photos

photo courtesy of Awkward Family Photos
Awkward Family Photos is web humor done RIGHT. It's a funny blog that many, many people enjoy. The key to Awkward Family Photo's success is in its simplicity -- the site's editors, Mike Bender and Doug Chernack, sift through user-submissions and post the most hilariously awkward family photos and stories.

This Is Why You're Fat

photo courtesy of This Is Why You're Fat
This Is Why You're Fat consists of daily updated pictures of insanely fattening foods that always serve to reinforce the site's name-THIS deep fried cheeseburger on a stick or THIS plate of tater tot nachos or THIS slice of bacon crust pizza with bacon is why you're fat. Mmmmm.

Ugly Overload

photo courtesy of Ugly Overload
A parody of the popular cute photo blog Cute Overload, Ugly Overload is dedicated to posting pictures of the ugliest animals its editors can find. Because looking at pictures of cute kitties is fun, looking at really ugly pictures of slugs is much, much funnier.

Nicolas Cage as Everyone

photo courtesy of Nicolas Cage as Everyone
The blog's title sums up its content -- it's a blog featuring photographs of actor Nicolas Cage as "everyone." Like, here's Cage as Trent Reznor. And here's Cage as Woody Allen. Weird!
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