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Best New Memes of 2013 (So Far)

Here's a look at the funniest new memes to hit the web so far in 2013.


Though the year has really just begun, there have already been several media events and other social circumstances that have initiated a veritable flurry of new memes.

There are some images that hit the web and immediately go viral; for instance, the photo of President Barack Obama firing a skeet gun, or former President Bill Clinton photobombing singer Kelly Clarkson.

The news also provides the internet with lots of fodder for the meme mill, as we saw when Pope Benedict XVI resigned early in February.

1. Unflattering Beyonce

After successfully performing at the Super Bowl halftime show, singer Beyonce Knowles's publicist wrote to BuzzFeed and asked them to remove images of the super star that they deemed "unflattering." Naturally, the internet took that ball and ran with it, and web users had a field day Photoshopping Beyonce's fierce face into all sorts of scenarios.

2. Skeet-Shooting Obama

When this publicity photo of President Obama hit the web, the White House specifically told people not to alter it (or make fun of it) in any way. True to form, the internet didn't listen.

3. The Pope Quits

Pope Benedict XVI’s Resignation sent shock waves around the world. The internet showed its surprise and dismay by doing what it always does: making fun of it. Within one day of the Holy Father's announcement, the memes started hitting sites like Reddit and Mashable.

4. Sexually Oblivious Female

This meme has yet to be officially recognized by the large meme bases out there, but as a loyal Imgur reader, I have to include it. Submitted by user TerminallychillxD, "Sexually Oblivious Female" is based on a girl who misinterprets every sexual innuendo. Her innocence is charming, and the jokes are limitless. Let's hope this meme has staying power.

5. Star Wars Reboot

By now you've most likely heard that late in 2012, Star Wars creator George Lucas announced a deal to sell his company, Lucasfilm, LTD, along with all of its subsidiaries like LucasArts, Industrial Light & Magic, and Skywalker Sound, to the Disney corporation. The flurry of Star Wars meets Disney memes has still not let up, and this year's offerings are even more biting than the first batch of memes.

6. Lights Out At The Super Bowl

During the second half of the Super Bowl, history was made when the lights went out in Super Dome in New Orleans, plunging the entire stadium into darkness and halting play for about half an hour. Before that half hour was up, people began Photoshopping images and uploading them to Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit.

7. Ain't Nobody Got Time For That

This meme was inspired by a local news interview in Oklahoma City. "Sweet Brown," a resident who was evacuated from her apartment building after the building caught on fire, gave a charismatic and emphatic interview that quickly went viral. Comparisons to the Antoine Dodson meme of 2010 were right on the money. During Sweet Brown's tirade, she uttered the now-infamous phrase, "Ain’t nobody got time for that," which spawned images and remixes almost instantly.

8. Kai, The Hatchet-Wielding Hitchhiker

On February 2, 2013, a Fox News affiliate in Fresno, CA uploaded an interview with a homeless hitchhiker named Kai. Kai had accepted a ride from a man, then intervened when the man started attacking an innocent woman. Kai used a hatchet to disable the man, and was heralded as a hero by the press. The humorous part is the way that Kai speaks; he can't seem to speak without using every profanity in the book, and he spends time soliciting viewers for free surfboards during the interview. He was made for the internet!

9. Manti Te'O's Girlfriend

The sports world was shocked when, early in 2013, star college football player Manti Te'o admitted to having had a fake internet girlfriend. The possibilities for jokes were endless, but the best memes to come out of the scandal were the "Te'o'ing" pictures.

10. Bill Clinton's Photobomb

During President Barack Obama's inauguration in January 2013, former U.S. President Bill Clinton photobombed Kelly Clarkson. The image immediately went viral and inspired countless memes.

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