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5 Embarrassing Celebrity Twitpics

Meet 5 stars who exposed more than they meant to on Twitter.


With over 500 million registered users, Twitter is one of the most popular social media utilities on the web today. Aside from being a great outlet for comedians, writers, and other entertainers who want to give their humor material a test drive, the site's 140 characters-or-less format appeals to celebrities who want to connect with their fan bases one on one.

For fans, Twitter is one of the few places where one can actually interact with a favorite celebrity in person. Many stars have forged huge social media followings simply by engaging their fans and constructing funny, well thought-out Tweets. Thanks to Twitter, it's possible to feel like you actually "know" someone famous, even if you've never met them before in "real life."

Now, thanks the availability of smart phones with high quality built-in cameras, our relationship with celebrities goes even deeper. When stars upload "Twitpics," they expose a part of their private lives to which fans are not privy, and the results are sometimes embarrassing... but hilarious. Check out five celebrities whose ill-advised Twitpics made us laugh while making their Public Relations agents cringe.

1. Courtney Love Gets Nearly Naked

We all know that Courtney Love is a bit of a hot mess, but still, this takes the cake. In 2010, Love accidentally tweeted a photo of herself lounging half-naked in a chair. The singer claimed the boudoir shot was "meant for a boyfriend," and after removing the photo, she actually shut down her Twitter page out of sheer embarrassment.

2. Coco Putting On Her Make-Up

Coco, wife of actor and rap icon, Ice T, loves to post pictures, and almost every single one that she posts is hilarious and embarrassing. Many of her Twitpics feature her be-thonged rear end (which is almost as famous as she is),and are therefore NSFW, but some of them just show Coco doing her own thing in her own Coco way. Here we see Coco putting on her make-up... Coco style.

3. Kim Kardashian's X-Ray

Speaking of butts, Kim Kardashian's rear end is so famous, she felt the need to have it x-rayed to prove that it's all natural. After critics claimed that Kardashian's famous tush is a result of butt implants, Kardashian did what any normal (ha ha) celebrity (ha ha, again) would do; she went to a doctor and had an x-ray done, then her sister Khloe uploaded the photographic proof to Twitter. Because we care about these things, evidently. Well, somebody does.

4. Tori Spelling's Ta-Tas

Remember when Dean McDermott accidentally tweeted a picture of his wife, Tori Spelling's, bare breasts? In one of the biggest "Twitpic Oops" moments ever, McDermott uploaded a photo of his son to Twitter. Little did he know that Spelling, who was breastfeeding their youngest baby at the time, was lounging behind their son in the background of the photo. The Twitpic was promptly removed, but this is the internet, brah. Once it's out there, it's out there. Oops.

5. Katy Perry's Morning Face

On New Year's day in 2011, Katy Perry and Russell Brand were newlyweds. Brand decided to snap a picture of Perry as she was waking up sans make-up, and of course, he uploaded it to Twitter without telling her.

Perry, who is known for her high-glam beauty style, was apparently mortified, and the photo was quickly deleted. However, the damage was done.... Perhaps this was foreshadowing for the future of their union?

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