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The 20 Funniest Celebrities on Twitter


Twitter is a micro-blogging, social-networking website that is popular with an ever expanding base of users. In addition to regular Joe and Jane, there are many celebrities on Twitter, from controversial politicians like Sarah Palin to actors like Ashton Kutcher. Some celebrities on Twitter will tell you about stuff they're working on and their lives. And the celebrities on twitter on THIS list bring the funny:

David Wain

Film Society Of Lincoln Center Screening Of 'Wanderlust'
Mike Lawrie/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images
Film-director and comedy writer David Wain has been attached to several hilarious comedy projects like the TV shows The State and Stella, the movies Wet Hot American Summer and Role Models and his web series Wainy Days. In between news about film projects and links to his video work online, Wain's Twitter account is filled with very funny, rather off kilter comedy along the lines of his film, TV and web work.

Sample Tweet: "I'm at a health spa where they infuse massage treatments with the aromas of bongwater, beer, ammonia and male ejaculate. Then mint tea."

Rainn Wilson

Rainn Wilson is an actor, writer and comedian who plays the character Dwight Schrute on NBC's hit comedy The Office. His very regularly updated Twitter account is a surefire destination for a laugh. He even has a really creative and funny regular feature called "Rainn in Therapy" where he asks his fans on Twitter to suggest what he should discuss in therapy.

Sample Tweet: "Has anyone heard this whole scary thing about Soy Milk being bad for you? Estrogen producing? Is that why I have a vagina on the tip of my penis?"

Jim Gaffigan

Jim Gaffigan is one the funniest working stand-up comedians right now. His 2006 comedy album Beyond the Pale (and the Comedy Central TV special of the same name) is one of the funniest comedy albums of recent memory and it served as a showcase for his brand of wickedly self-effacing comedy. So its no surprise Gaffigan's Twitter account is populated with similarly self-deprecating humor.

Sample Tweet: "What do you think kid rock and chris rock talk about at family reunions?"

Whitney Cummings

Whitney Cummings is an uproariously funny, relatively young stand-up comedian who specializes in a fairly dirty, adult brand of comedy. Cummings, much like Sarah Silverman before her, uses the dichotomy of her good looks and her dirty humor to her advantage.

Sample Tweet: "I'm trying to eat healthier. Do roofies count as a fruit or vegetable?"

Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith is the hilarious film writer/director behind the movies Clerks, Mallrats and Dogma, among many, many others. He's also a well known comedic storyteller and blogger. On his Twitter account, Smith is just as irreverent.

Sample Tweet: "Wife's in LA so I'm doing the NYC single thing: blazing and beating off 4 or more times a day. Carrie Bradshaw's a little fucking liar, man."

Aziz Ansari

Aziz Ansari is an incredibly funny stand-up comedian and actor who's starred in various TV and film projects like NBC's Parks and Recreation, MTV's Human Giant and the Judd Apatow film Funny People. His style of humor--pop culture observations delivered with a hilariously bitter tone--translates really well on his Twitter account.

Sample Tweet: "Entourage Episode Idea 1: E can't get cell service, Turtle gets a bad haircut, Drama has an ingrown toe nail, and Vince eats a banana."

Brian Posehn

Brian Posehn is an actor and stand-up comedian who is part of the Comedians of Comedy stand-up comedy collective and has starred in TV shows like HBO's classic Mr. Show and Comedy Central's The Sarah Silverman Program. Twitter serves as a perfect platform for Posehn's brand of late night stoner observational humor.

Sample Tweet: "Always weird to meet your stunt double. It's like looking into a mirror where the other you took care of yourself."

Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert is the host of Comedy Central's hit late-night comedy news show The Colbert Report and, prior to being at the helm of his own show, he was a correspondent for The Daily Show. Colbert's Twitter account is written from the perspective of his persona on The Colbert Report--a smug, self-satisfied conservative who makes ridiculously off kilter observations about life and politics.

Sample Tweet: "I think i could be a lobster fisherman, but not if i had to learn how to spell crustashun (sic)"

Penn Jillette

Penn Jillette is one half of the comedy-magic duo Penn & Teller. The duo have starred in numerous TV specials and have their own Showtime series, Bullshit. You might remember Jillette from Dancing With the Stars as well. In addition to comedy, magic and dancing, Jillette is a dedicated skeptic and libertarian and his Twitter account is a mixture of all four pillars of his life.

Sample Tweet: "I backed out of my garage into a pickup truck. Smashed the back of my mini. Bob Dylan sang that artists don't look back. I'm an artist!"

John Hodgman

You may know John Hodgman as the PC in those "I'm a Mac, I'm a PC" ads on TV. But he's also a respected humorist who's authored the best-selling books The Areas of My Expertise and More Information Than You Require and has appeared on Comedy Central's The Daily Show as a correspondent. Hodgman's specialty--bone dry, nerdy and purely satirical--is on display on his Twitter account.

Sample Tweet: "I am going to tell you something later today, after I am done vomiting, for it is something that makes me very excited and very nervous."

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