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Urlesque Profile

By Dave Mellisy

Urlesque Profile
Image courtesy of Urlesque
Website: http://urlesque.com/
Monthly Traffic: 1,315,200 visitors (as of 05/2010)
Description: A rundown of recent web memes, virals and oddities
Similar Websites: Buzzfeed, Holy Taco, Cracked

What is "Urlesque"?:

Urlesque is more than just a clever play on words. It's an elegant rundown of the web's best, delivered with a clean design and informative commentary. It's similar to Buzzfeed but a bit easier to wrap your head around thanks to the standard blog-type layout, and links are generally more likely to grab your interest. For those looking to get a bit more in depth, stories can be sorted by several categories. So if you want to see, say, what the latest hot memes are, you can. And then you'll never be left scratching your head at a seemingly nonsensical post on Reddit. Thanks, Urlesque!

Best of "Urlesque":

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