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Probably Bad News Site Profile


Probably Bad News Site Profile

Looks like Newt's been working out...

photo courtesy of Probably Bad News
Website: http://probablybadnews.com/
Monthly Traffic: 233,110 users (as of 4/29/10)
Description: a single-topic blog featuring pictures of typos, misprints and other screw-ups from newspapers and news organizations
Similar Websites: Awkward Family Photos, This Is Why You're Fat

What Is "Probably Bad News"?:

The Cheezburger Network, the company behind Failbook, Bad Tattoos and Engrish, has yet another winning single-topic blog concept on their hands in Probably Bad News; typos, misprints, funny headlines and all the sorts of stuff that Jay Leno might read on the headlines segment on the Tonight Show.
Like most of the single-topic blogs out there, Probably Bad News has a simple concept that lives and dies on its execution. I'm glad to report that the execution is pretty good -- I'd say the hit ratio is about 2 funny headlines for every 1 unfunny one, which is pretty good on the Internet. Also, editors of Probably Bad News, if you ever find an egregious typo on this site… please be kind. Love, Lukas.

Best of "Probably Bad News":

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