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Nicolas Cage as Everyone Site Profile


Nicolas Cage as Everyone Site Profile
photo courtesy of Nicolas Cage as Everyone
Website: http://niccageaseveryone.blogspot.com/
Description: a strange collection of altered photos that have placed actor Nicolas Cage's face and head on other people's bodies
Similar Websites: http://www.failblog.com, http://icanhascheezburger.com/, Awkward Family Photos

What Is "Nic Cage as Everyone"?:

In the land of single-serving, one-topic blogs, Nic Cage as Everyone stands apart as one of the most focused, most singular topic blogs ever created. The blog's title sums up its content -- it's a blog featuring photographs of actor Nicolas Cage as "everyone." Like, here's Cage as Trent Reznor. And here's Cage as Woody Allen.

The humor of the site is in its specificity. It's photo after photo of Nicolas Cage's face digitally planted onto other people's bodies. It's weird. It's obsessive. And boy, is it funny.

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