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Funny Exam Answers Profile

By Dave Mellisy

Funny Exam Answers Profile
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Website: http://www.funnyexamanswers.com/
Monthly Traffic: 10,989 visitors (as of 05/2010)
Description: Not smart? Be a smartass.
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What is "Funny Exam Answers"?:

Exams! Is there any non-combat situation which results in more stifling pressure? And what better way to break the tension than a little levity? Funny Exam Answers will show you how! In fact, it's inspired me to share the following personal anecdote:
Back when I was in high school, I had a classmate who was not the best student. He makes more money than me now, working for UPS, but whatever; this isn't about my problems. Anyway, one day we took an Algebra II test and he had absolutely no idea and absolutely no interest in having an idea. So he just left the paper blank except for the handwritten note, "If you pass me on this test there'll be $20 waiting for you on the passenger seat of your car." Sure enough he got a D. He never paid the $20, either, but that wasn't an issue. He's a hero, if you ask me.
So, yeah. Funny Exam Answers is funny. Even if most of these answers probably didn't get the same results as my old buddy's.

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