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Auto Buds Profile

By Dave Mellisy

Auto Buds Profile

Image courtesy of Auto Buds

Site Address: http://autobuds.tumblr.com
Description: Cars need friends, too.
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What is "Auto Buds"?:

Here in America, home of About.com Web Humor Transnational Headquarters, people love cars. Not only do they get you places, cars are a great way for boring, uninteresting people to express their individuality. But you might run into a problem when you realize there’s only like, what, a couple hundred make, model and color combinations out there on the road?

As much of a pain as this endless supply of doppelgangers can be for identity-seekers, it’s a joy for the cars themselves to meet a twin and form a pair of “Auto Buds”. And now it can be a joy for you. The Auto Buds tumblr, created by “Late Night” legend and “Delocated” star Jon Glaser, encourages readers to send in pictures of two (or more!) identical cars in close proximity. It’s like a bromantic comedy with Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen, only if those dudes were identical cars.

Best of "Auto Buds":

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