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iPhone's 'Keyboard Shortcut' Feature Makes For Excellent Pranks

Prank your friends with a few keystrokes, then sit back and laugh.



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The Apple iOS 5 mobile operating system included a very handy feature called "keyboard shortcuts."  These convenient shortcuts are similar to the humor-prone autocorrect feature, in that users can create abbreviations and acronyms that will automatically type out longer words and phrases, thereby increasing productivity and saving time.  For instance, you can create a keyboard shortcut where you type "brb" and the program automatically changes the sentence to read "be right back."

It's a convenient way to use technology, especially if you send a lot of text messages and want to save some time and keystrokes.  However, just like autocorrect before it, the keyboard shortcuts feature has massive potential for both accidental comedic outcomes... and pranks.

"Do you have any acid?"

Here's a great example of a perfect, and hilarious, iphone keyboard shortcut prank.  Twitter user @goddamnirwin decided to have a little fun with her mother's phone, so she programmed it to write "acid" whenever her mother wrote "dirty laundry."  Her poor mother, oblivious that these sort of shenanigans were even possible, continued to type "acid" over and over, her confusion mounting, for several laugh-out-loud minutes.  The exchange went viral online.  You can read the whole exchange here, via Imgur.

Simple keyboard shortcuts you can try:

Next time you find yourself alone with your friend's phone, here are a few quick keyboard shortcuts you can try that are sure to be funny.  Well, funny for you, anyway.

  • Change simple words to make them sound like they speak with horrible grammar.  For instance, just changing "are" to "is," "you're" to "your," or "they're" to "their" will tick off even the most even-keeled grammar Nazis.  Example: "We is going to the store.  Let me know when your home."
  • Change the word "me" to the name of an obscure celebrity, preferably a star who conjurs a funny visual image.  Then, when your friend texts a sentence like, "Will you go to the movies with me?" It comes out saying, "Will you go to the movies with Richard Simmons?"
  • Change the word "never" to say "Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, never gonna run around... and hurt you."  

Yes, you can now automate your Rickrolling.  You're welcome.

Click here for an image gallery of some of the funniest keyboard shortcut pranks ever!

Want in on this funny action?  Here's how to do it.

To create your own keyboard shortcut, click on the "Settings" icon, then choose "General Settings." You can then select "Keyboard," scroll all the way to the bottom, and click "Add new shortcut."  Enter your desired phrase along with the replacement word or phrase, and voila, you're done!  Don't forget to back all the way out of the settings menus so that your victim won't be able to follow your tracks when they attempt to fix their "malfunctioning" phone.

Want to avoid being pranked with keyboard shortcuts?  Here's how.

It's a very simple fix for this kind of prank: set up a passcode on your system.  Next time you set your phone down and your roommate or sibling decides to play a little joke on you, you'll be saved by a simple four digit pin code.  Remember, Passcode Lock is your friend!


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