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Site Profile: Someecards

Snarky e-cards for all!


Site Profile: Someecards

Courtesy: Someecards

Website: www.someecards.com
Monthly Traffic:800,000
Description:"When you care enough to hit send"
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What are Someecards?

Launched in 2007, Someecards is a free online e-card service created by Brook Lundy and Duncan Mitchell. The cards feature simple pencil-drawn images on plain colored backgrounds. There are thousands of cards for the multitude of traditional occasions that warrant sending a greeting card, for instance holidays, birthdays, sympathy, and weddings, but the tone of these cards is anything but traditional. The messages on Someecards are snarky, deadpan, and often openly sarcastic. Profanity is common.

In addition to the "normal" greeting card categories, Someecards also branch out into not-so-normal territory with things like, "Sorry about your breakup" messages, "Heard you got fired" cards, and more. It's not unusual to find copious humorous references to being lazy, drinking too much, or being annoyed by people online. To put it mildly, these are not your grandmother's Hallmark cards.

Who uses Someecards?

Chances are, if you've visited Facebook or any image sharing site recently, you're at least marginally familiar with Someecards. If you select the "Humor" category on Pinterest, for instance, the page is almost completely dominated by these funny, quirky, and sometimes bawdy electronic greeting cards. Someecards are literally everywhere, reaching to every corner of the internet thanks to their versatility, humor, and ability to be personalized. The fact that they're free to send and receive is also a big selling point.

With an Alexa ranking of 5,560, 1,529 in the U.S., the site draws in close to a million users every month. The site's main demographic is young, single, Caucasian females who are surfing the web from school. The site currently has almost half a million fans on Facebook and a staggering two million followers on Twitter.

Do they only have e-cards?

No. In addition to their hilarious cards, Someecards also offers invitations, posters, and has an online store containing t-shirts, pins, mugs, and many other ways to display your favorite Someecards. The site also has a popular app for the iPhone which has received favorable reviews on iTunes.

The site offers a birthday reminder service for Facebook, so instead of writing a boring "Happy Birthday" message on the wall of that guy you don't remember from high school, you can create a custom Someecard for him (perhaps joking about how you don't remember him from high school!). It's a great service and a convenient tie-in service for Facebook users.

Who writes Someecards?

The site is owned and operated by the two original site creators, and they employ a small staff of funny writers who create the bulk of the site's content. Someecard templates can also be selected blank, so users can create their own caption and customize their card. Many businesses use Someecard templates to make announcements on their websites or Facebook pages in a tongue-in-cheek way.

What's the site's format?

The site is set up to be as user-friendly as possible. Readers can create a private account in just a few keystrokes, enabling users to keep track of which cards they've sent and to whom, as well as to save all new and original cards they create. Someecard creators can share their cards on any of the social sites. The site is fast, well-organized, and fun to use, so next time you care enough to hit send, click over to Someecards and say what you need to say, with humor.

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