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Site Profile: Photoshop Disasters

A blog devoted to pointing out the best of the worst Photoshop abuses.


Site Profile: Photoshop Disasters

Courtesy: PsD.com

Website: www.psdisasters.com
Monthly Traffic: 1,200,000
Description: Showcasing the best of the worst Photoshop atrocities.
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What Is Photoshop Disasters?

Photoshop Disasters is a single topic blog that has been posting daily images and commentary since their inception in 2006. The sole purpose of the blog is to point out the misuse and abuse of photo editing in print and online advertising, and the writers do so with cheeky, snarky prose and good humor.

The site often takes aim at major players in the fashion industry and does not back down when those companies complain. Companies like Victoria's Secret, Ralph Lauren, and J.Crew are "frequent flyers" on the site, having had more than their fair share of Photoshop foibles displayed and dissected by PsD's large and devoted fan base.

What Kind of "Disaster" Do They Feature?

PS Disasters was the first site of its kind to start outing all of the low-budget and inept works of photo editing on the web. Many of their blog posts feature general mistakes made by graphic designers; for instance, a model's neck that has been badly stretched, a hand that has had a finger or two misplaced, or perhaps a person crudely cut-and-pasted into the background of a group shot.

The site is also quick to point out when Photoshop has been used to try to hide or cover something up in the news, like when Iran was caught editing images of their new stealth jet.

Who Reads Photoshop Disasters?

The site has a current Alexa ranking of 26,741 in the U.S.A., and globally, approximately 1.2 million people visit the site each month. The site's demographic is largely ages 18-32 and just over half of the site's users are male. Many of the readers are involved in photo editing by profession, and the majority of the site's active users are themselves graphic designers, photographers, and photo editors.

In addition to reading the site and contributing their opinions in the comment section, the site's readers are the source of most of the blog's material as well. Each day PsD receives dozens of emails from readers who think they have found a Photoshop Disaster. The site researches each image and determines whether it is truly a PS Disaster or not. Only about a third of all reader submissions end up being featured on the site.

What Kind of Community Does Photoshop Disasters Have?

In addition to their popular comment section on the blog itself, PS Disasters has a very active presence on social media sites like Facebook, Google+, and Twitter. On the social media sites, they tend to feature different material than the blog itself, and the admins run Photoshop challenges for their readers, caption contests, and other interactive activities designed to engage their audience in a positive way.

Will I Enjoy Photoshop Disasters?

PS Disasters' content is universally funny, and you don't have to be a photo editor to appreciate and enjoy the humor on this site. Readers who enjoy visual humor such as Awkward Family Photos and photobombs will find this site very funny. Of course, graphic artists, creative freelancers, and other artistic types will find this site especially perfect for their line of work, and when paired with PsD's partner site, Clients From Hell, creative professionals will no doubt recognize a lot of their coworkers, clients, (and themselves) in this brand of humor.

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