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Shoebox Blog

The Writers and Artists of Shoebox Cards' Daily Doodles and Scribbles


Just when you thought you'd never find anything bright and delightfully comical on the Internet again, along pops up the Shoebox Blog. I'd send them a card of thanks, but they wouldn't be impressed. I'm sure.

Why? Because this fine find is concocted and published by the artists and writers of Shoebox Cards, those all-occasions Hallmark greetings we actually enjoy reading in the 24-hour supermarket at three in the morning when we almost forgot Aunt Plippy's pie-ectomy anniversary and hows-about a quart of cottage cheese while were here?

The Shoebox Blog is updated frequently with "Funny, but No" cards that were considered for sale on actual paper and rejected, plus other cartoons, doodles, comedy articles, jokes, and "Newsdroppings" commentary on current events. It's a big eclectic pile of comfortable Shoebox humor for free sans large curds.

Here's a sampling of the posted material, and you don't have to do any of that strenuous card-opening exercise to read this stuff!

  • "Not So Good Ways To Celebrate President’s Day If You’re Not Actually the President" ("1. Have corners installed in the Oval Office.")
  • "Dog Love Letter" ("Dearest Scraps, who's a good boy? Who's a good boy? You're a good boy! Yes you are! Such a good boy, yes you are! Eternally yours, Mittens")
  • "Quote of the Day" ("I would join a book club if I liked books or clubs.")
  • "Best Things for Chocolates to Be Filled With" ("Bing cherries. Because you get to say 'bing.' Say it. 'Bing.'")
  • Special Maternity Ward appearance by Humpty Dumpty. ("Congratulations, Mr. Dumpty. It's a chicken.")
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