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Humor Blogs and Web Logs on Comedy

Here's what the nutty blogosphere is writing and writing: Newsy online journals about comedy -- the art, the funny business, and the people. Plus, full-tilt humorous Web Logs (Weblogs) filled with laughable discoveries, original jokes, or comical rants and commentaries. (Note: Some blogs contain explicit content.)
About Humor Blog
Our home page blog.
Funny Site of the Day, The
As amazing as it may sound, I, Humor Guide Mike Durrett, am a trendsetter! The Funny Site of the Day, where I began chronicling specific Internet destinations in 1998, is a Web log in the truest sense. Dizzy from the chuckles, I'm still posting. Go straight to The Funny Site of the Day blog or click the title link above to enter through the full archive page.
Top Humor Blogs Around About
Browse the front page blog headlines from the four About.com comedy sites (Humor, Political Humor, TV Comedies, Animated TV) on this single, handy, quick read page. Still hungry for amusement? We've included the often humorous Urban Legends and Folklore, Talk Shows, Classic TV, Quotations, and Classic Movies blogs' headlines, too.
SatireSearch, the engine that powers our Today's Breaking News Satire page, may not be a blog in the strictest sense, although some of its contributors are bloggers. SatireSearch nicely aggregates the freshest satirical news stories from anywhere fakery is foisted. An excellent, major resource of current events comedy with frequent updates and tons of attitude. Big time uncensored.
"Incorporating many of the same sites as SatireSearch, HumorFeed has established an editorial review system designed to reward quality writing.... While the topics lampooned often skew to adult material, the group of, perhaps, 50 contributors, strives to work clean and not reward profanity." Read more and visit HumorFeed's bloggy menu...
Cartoon Brew
This superlative blog is devoted to animation from around the world, especially the theatrical cartoons of the golden age of animation. Curators Jerry Beck and Amid Amidi post some rare finds in words and pictures -- plus, accessible online videos from funny cartoons.
Comedy Central Insider
''Welcome to the land of the comedy-obsessed -- where the comedian is king, the funny news and features are served all day, and Comedy Central shows and content are unabashedly celebrated.''
Dave Barry's Blog
The popular, semi-retired syndicated humor columnist of The Miami Herald maintains his ''official'' online journal in the true spirit of Web blogs, sharing a mass of Net sites and weird news stories. Dave doesn't say too much, but he does toss out an occasional quip as he creates an atmosphere which is always amusing and a voluminous place where anything can happen.
Dead Frog
A comedy blog by Todd Jackson with news on industry happenings, featuring an emphasis on stand-up performers.
From the Weird Newsroom: Contributors scour the Net daily for offbeat news stories and strange Web items, labeling each with capsule comments and descriptions like "Amusing," "Spiffy," "Satire," "Weird," and "Stupid." Some content is adult.
Shecky Magazine
Since 1999, this stand-up comedy publication has tracked the world of joking monologists past and present. Insiders Traci Skene and Brian McKim update their blog regularly with related news and comic interviews.
Shoebox Blog
The artists and writers of Shoebox Cards apparently goof off at the office by doodling and scribbling this warmly anarchic Web blog with regularly updated content.
John Kricfalusi: All Kinds of Stuff
The controversial animator, sometimes known as John K., is the creative wonder behind Spumco, the animation studio that brought us Ren and Stimpy. Kricfalusi loves to talk about the sad state of contemporary animation and related humor. He also shares his rich knowledge of comic art, illustrated with rare and unseen images. Occasional explicit content.
Mark Evanier: News From Me
"A Weblog about TV, movies, comics, theater, news, politics, and other forms of fantasy," by Mark Evanier, Hollywood writer. Part of the highly recommended pop culture site, POV Online, this blog is my favorite to read. I zip over sports and politics to dig into offbeat recollections of showbiz greats and their work. Mark has a distinct love for comedy which he shares in tasty anecdotes.
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